Sneaking Around InWorldz

I signed up for an InWorldz account about two years ago, but I just got around to sneaking in and taking a peek at things this week.

Right away I was pretty anxious when I saw my avi (below), she’s like v0.001 beta style. Anyway, after some wrangling, setting up an alt account, I got her a more modern basic outfit (more on this soon). I also bought 10,000 l’z$ (InWorldz dollars) and hope to do some serious shopping.

Btw, at first look-see it appears that you can rent an entire mainland sim for US$60/month or $75 for an estate. I haven’t gotten all the particulars yet but I’m thinking seriously about getting a sim and building a home or something InWorldz.

This is a beta avatar but I'm working on new look.

This is a 2011 beta avatar but I’m working on new look.


10 thoughts on “Sneaking Around InWorldz

  1. Looking forward to the updates and the evolution of your avatar. I’ll be heading there soon myself and stealing myself for looking horrendous for a while!

    • I’ve intended to explore InWorldz and other grids for a long time, so I’m interested in all that’s going on there. I didn’t realize there was live entertainment… cool.

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