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Second Life can be full of surprises if you are open to them. Yesterday morning I was chatting with Magi McBride about this and that, and out of nowhere Magi asked me if maybe WT and I would be interested in being hosts at her new Rhapsody Park club. I kind of liked that idea but wasn’t sure if WT would be interested because he doesn’t like to public chat all that much. So, I told her that I was definitely interested and I’d ask WT later in the afternoon when he arrives online.

That afternoon, WT arrived along with a nice box of chocolates for me — I love this WT guy, by the way. Anyway, I mentioned the job to him and his reaction was sort of open; so we went over to Rhapsody to look around a bit. The club is the same location where Magi & Dixon had their wedding and it is really a very nice garden with covered dance floor but no walls. It also has a cozy fireplace and the surroundings are just lovely.

Anyway, this led to that and before long Magi and Dixon arrived and were setting us up and training us to be the hosts for the Tuesday night gig with Woodrow. I think WT was starting to have some reservations but he went a long with the whole thing because I assured him that I’d cover for him, and by the time we finished our training it was already time to begin our gig.

People started arriving at 6pm SLT even though our DJ had some real life issues that would make him an hour late. So, WT and I set out to greeting folks as they arrived and, fortunately, Magi & Dixon stuck around to help us through any unexpected hurdles. I think things went pretty well. WT was even surprised to have a couple of his old friends show up, so he was pulled into a bit of IM-hell, what with open Chat and IM’ing with me, Magi and two other friends. Nonetheless, we managed even though I know that WT was admittedly a bit frazzled.

Woodrow finally arrived and he started playing great songs from his extensive classic collection. The great thing about the classics is that they are classic, and they seem to survive over the decades because they are, well, very good. I immediately liked Wood and I enjoyed promoting him, and he helped promote WT and I as well.

Throughout the evening we probably had no more than a eighteen people show up, but it seemed like there were more. It was a bit hard to imagine how much more difficult it would be to host twice that many people or three or four times that many people. But all and all, I think that between WT & I and Magi & Dixon, we did pretty good for first-time hosts. We even recruited over 4 new members into the Rhapsody Park group.

WT and I left it as we’ll “see how it goes”. Next gig is March 4th and then if it works out, every Tuesday thereafter.

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I'm an avatar from Second Life and gamer on Xbox. I'm also the author of The Temporal Expeditions sci-fi novel series.
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