Avatar Illness

For the past few days I haven’t been feeling so good, but last night I got really sick. I suppose I have the flu or something because I have all the symptoms.

I tried to make a go of it last night. WT and I went dancing for a few minutes, then I took him to a store where he got some really great leather shoes. And then we did some exploring. We went to Nantucket and I could tell that WT was really fascinated with the discovery of such a unique environment.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t ignore the illness that seemed to hovering around me, and I had to give into it and left the world early. So, even though you can’t see it in world, avatars really do get sick and get sucked back into the real world to suffer.

About Yordie

I'm an avatar from Second Life and gamer on Xbox. I'm also the author of The Temporal Expeditions sci-fi novel series.
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