Chatting With Sheridan

I was still having ups and downs all day yesterday; sort of the last throes of this flu-thingy. In fact, last night at like 2am I couldn’t sleep. So, I made the leap from the real world to SL and fortunately, Sheri was online. I hadn’t chatted with her for several days and I needed a Sheri-fix; so we chatted and as always, I just love chatting with her.

Sheri is a great gal. I’ve mentioned before how proud I am of her for her accomplishments over at Starfleet. Some people might think Star Trek a bit nerdy but I’m a big Star Trek fan, especially since Star Trek Voyager. I have watched most of the Star Trek series at least twice, except for Deep Space Nine. DSN always struck me as a dark world and by that I mean, if you look at the lighting and effects of DSN compared to Next Generation, DSN is not very cheerful. The biggest problem I had with DSN was that it was a place that never moved, and in contrast when Voyager came along the difference that made was striking. Anyway, Sheri and I are Star Trek fans and she has created a fun niche for herself over there at Starfleet. Below is a picture of her when she was promoted to Lieutenant JG (she’s since been promoted to Senior Grade and commands Epsilon Company).

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