Guys In My Life

My mom used to love a song called, The Tennessee Waltz. I don’t remember who sang it and only know a few verses, but somehow I’ve always liked this line, “I was dancin’ with my darlin’…” and I always thought it was pretty. Last night WT took me to a place called Midsomer Isle, “for a change of pace” and it was a revitalizing change and one that I needed. Midsomer is a fantasy world with all kinds of garden hideaways, even a place to have an intimate meal, and a variety of dance floors at different levels on towers rising alongside the mountains. One thing I like especially about Midsomer is the unique sky which I won’t try to describe because I shot a picture of us dancing under it’s spell.

Yesterday was a good day for me in general. I always enjoy days when I visit with lots of friends. In the morning, I chatted with Mafie Mower. He’s looking for an additional programmer to work with Hector to finish the “Blag!” game. We chatted briefly about the game and this and that, and I told him about the latest surge of activity around the Island Universe project. I also gave him a URL to this blog and he looked it over and suggested that I speak with one of the in-world magazines about carrying my work. It’s an interesting idea, and I am sort of mulling it but I don’t know where this journal is heading and I’m not sure I want the avatarian world to suffer through this thing with me. Mafie is the most unique man I’ve met in SL and you’ll be hearing about him from time to time.

Last night, after WT had gone to bed I was wandering around looking into doing some modelling; you know, maybe pick up some extra income. I’ve certainly invested enough time and money into making myself look attractive, so I’ve been thinking that I might have a chance in the biz. Magi, who is very beautiful, did some modelling and was on the cover of a magazine and all, so what the heck. Anyway, I got an IM from my ex, Kurt.

Kurt asked me to come over to his new place and tell him what I thought. When Kurt and I broke up, or rather when he dumped me, I was very angry with him but he is a good guy at heart and we’ve become friends again. Kurt has a new look, which isn’t surprising because he changes his look frequently; this time he’s looking a lot like a biker. We chatted about his place for awhile but he really wanted to talk about his frustration with finding love here in SL. It really comes down to the same problem we all have, merging who we are in real life with the fantasies we have here in this second life. I tried to help him sort out the issues, but the truth is that I have the same problem in understanding my SL identity. It was way too “heady” a problem for me to deal with and I had to check out and headed back through the time-space portal for a good night’s sleep.

I think this evening will be fun. WT and I will be hosting at Rhapsody, solo. Magi and Dixon will be over in HOT-WET with Aliya. She is debuting as a disk jockey! How cool is that!!

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