Slowing Down

It was a slow moving day. I don’t even remember what I was doing for most of the day until WT came online, and he was also feeling a bit slow himself. Maybe we were both still a little tired after our gig.

WT and I went over to Sailors Cove to explore. I’d already taken him to Nantucket and he was fascinated, so I was sure he’d like the Cove. There are some beautiful yachts at both Nantucket and the Cove, and I’d love to own, or know someone who owns, one of the big schooners. As in real life, owning a yacht is expensive and I just can’t seem to let go of the money it would take to buy a ship and rent a pier to dock it.

(The above photo is not one of mine. I snagged it from a Linden blog entry but haven’t been able to identify the photographer. I’ll cite him when I can find the source.)

After walking around the Cove for awhile, we headed over to Toby’s Juke Joint and danced for awhile, but WT just wasn’t feeling very good so we said good bye and headed back to real life.

Later in the evening, I made one more leap through the portal back in-world, and got a message from Kerry. It was the grand opening of the new club that her partner, Lazlo had created. It was late and the entertainment had ended but I raced over. The club is called, Twilight Blues & Jazz Club and Lazlo did a really nice job of building it.

I hadn’t seen Kerry in awhile and was really happy to see her and meet Lazlo. Kerry and I met at a time with both of us had the blues pretty bad. We were at the Juke Joint and just sitting next to each other at the bar. I’d just been dumped by my b/f and no one had asked either of us to dance, so I asked her if she’d mind dancing with a woman. Anway, long story short, we danced and became friends and have stayed friend ever since. I’m very happy for Kerry and I really enjoyed meeting Lazlo.

So, I’m still sort of loping along this morning. I’m back at Sailors Cove, sitting in the amphitheater writing this morning’s blog and sort of half hoping I’ll meet someone looking for a crew for a trip on one of those big schooners up the pier.

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