Exploring the 1st Continent

One of the things I have always enjoyed in Second Life is exploring. I’ve done this by myself and I’ve done it with friends. And by exploring, I mean pulling up the map, finding something interesting and violating the laws of space and time, and teleporting into those map coordinates to have a look around.

It’s never a formal process and sometimes I ended up in places that weren’t very safe. Once, my ex and I were exploring using his helicopter and we apparently crossed over some guys property that was rigged with Murder-Death-Kill scripting which somehow sucked the life out of my ex and left me alive and alone in an out of control helicopter heading into orbit. My ex was forced to re-log and when he returned, he was shocked to learn that I was still in the copter with a shriveled up clone of his body, rising higher and higher toward the stratosphere. When I told him the situation, he didn’t believe me and in order to clarify my status, I took a snapshot of me with his ghostly remains and sent it to him back at ground control. Below is that photo taken in Derwent at coordinates: 29389, 38660, 4023. After seeing the photo he decided to attempt to rescue me with a new instance of the copter, and he even saw me in the distance once. But the rescue failed and shortly thereafter, I jumped to my death from the doomed aircraft.

From somewhere, I got the idea that this journal of mine might be a good place to record some of my adverntures as I explore. I took my past experience into consideration as a plan began to form, and I decided that I’d approach my mission from a new perspective and in a more methodical manner. For one thing, I pulled up a map of the five Linden continents. I had gotten it over at NCI Fishermans Cove from a bulletin bard. Perhaps if you look at it you’ll start to see the possibilities for journeying around the outer boundaries of the continents or even crisscrossing them. Then consider that at almost any hour of the day there are 30,000 residents and that the max that most sims can support is 60 residents, and you start to realize the vastness of the undertaking. That vastness further inspired me with a sense of exploration and adventure!

With a goal of exploration and the spirit of adventure in the air, I was ready to begin and I chose to start with the 1st Continent, Sansara. And as fate would have it, at about the same moment in time I got an IM from from Tea Mahana, my former neighbor at Mill Pond. I told her what I was planning to do and invited her to join in, and Tea being an adventurous soul herself signed up on the spot. In fact, she asked if her friend, Mistress Happy could come along and I said, sure! I mean, what a perfect adventure party that is! Think about how many adventurers begin their journeys with paladins and sorcerers or clerics, so why not a mistress? And indeed it turned out to be fortuitous that we had Mistress Happy, as you’ll soon learn.

We began our adventure in Miramare, the great city located in the northwestern sector of the continent, west of the Ahern Welcome area. Miramare has highrise buildings, stores, restaurants, paved roads, trollies, parks, factories and numerous bridges; it is also an Infohub so there would be lots of new residents coming and going. I had actually explored Miramare extensively in the past, but I thought it was the perfect place to take bring our crew because of the uniqueness and scale of the region.

So, we began and the funny thing is that almost the moment we landed at the point of demarcation, we started attracting crowds or more correctly, Mistress Happy started attracting crowd of newbies, sex enthusiasts and all manner of lookens-peepers. Hehe, when you see Mistress you’ll understand. At first, it looked like our followers might be problematic, but almost immediately Mistress went to work tending to them while Tea and I made our way southerly into Grignano toward the suspension bridge leading to the an adjacent sim.

Finally, our party ended up on the other side of the bridge in Sistiana with a sizeable group of sex hungry enthusiasts following us. It occured to me that we might as well setup shop right there in the road, and I said as much outloud, then added we need a sign that says, “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road”. Well, that was a siren call for every remaining fiend hiding behind every tree and under every rock! They swarmed over to us and Mistress had to work especially hard at enticing them in, spanking them and in one case, burying an overly agressive av under the road. Hehe.


Above is a picture of our party entering Sistiana (don’t we kind of look like Dorothy’s band of followers from the Wizard of Oz?). We spent some time there on that road trying on costumes and exchanging this and that. And I think we all sort of felt that we’d made it to the end of the frist day of exploration. We had only travelled a few hundred meters but had this been an adventure game, we’d have measured our success with the number of fiends that we handled in one way or another. So, it was feeling like we had reached a good place to end our journey for the day, and we split-up with the implied agreement to continue our journey in the near future. And I am certain that this was exactly the way an epic journey should begin!

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I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm active on Twitter. I'm a U.S. Air Force veteran. I'm a gamer in Fallout series, Skyrim, and other games, including an avatar in Second Life. I wrote the sci-fi novel, The Temporal Expeditions.
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