Duff Beer

Yesterday morning I went by HOT-WET BLUES. Lynsey and Lacey were there and they were playing around with some animations. One of the toys was a can of Duff Beer that looked like the average beverage but after a few chugs on the brew the girls were falling down with a face plant into the floor. It was very funny but there was more fun with a death fall, an invisibility cloak and even a photocopy machine to sit on take shots of your fanny. It was a hoot, and Lynsey loaded me up with toys. When WT arrived in the evening I offered him a Duff beer but he knew right away that I was trying to play a trick on him. Hehe. He went along with it and the two of us got “plastered to the gills” as my Aunt Annie used to say.

During the day I setup a group called, “Yordie’s Adventurers” for the purpose of notifying fellow adventurers of the latest exploration plans. I invited Tea and Happy as sort of charter members, and Sheridan and Derf because I was pretty sure they’d be up for it. I concieved of it as a girls club but WT seemed to have an interest, so I’ll probably open it up for guys too.

Last night, Magi asked if WT and I would host Aliya Heron’s gigs when she DJs. I was very happy with the new arrangement because I like Aliya and we will be hosting blues in HOT WET as opposed to classics in Rhapsody Park. It will be fun because I enjoy working the crowd. Tonight will be really our second Tuesday hosting for Aliya, so I’m stoked.

About Yordie

I'm an avatar from Second Life and gamer on Xbox. I'm also the author of The Temporal Expeditions sci-fi novel series.
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