Adventure Resumed

The adventure group seems to be evolving. I mean, last Saturday I got the idea to explore all of the Linden continents and Tea and Happy decided that might be fun, and we sort of formed this informal group. Then yesterday I created a group and invited some more friends, and it seemed kind of “iffy” at the time. Then, I sent out a notice to the group members, and again Tea and Happy joined up at the meeting spot in Sistiana, but Happy brought along a new member named Ice. So, very cool !!

So, off we went and within a hundred meters we found ourselves inside a really over the top porno store. I have to admit it was interesting with real life women and men in explicit poses, demonstrating this and that sex contraption — available in real life. The truth is, if I were in the market of such things (hehe), I might actually shop there. As you might expect, we were swarmed by the sex enthusiasts hanging out the place. I had to tell one of them I’d file an abuse report on him if he didn’t stop sending me Friendship requests. And Mistress had to rescue Tea who had become stuck or frozen in the store.

We moved on from Sistiana into the neighboring sim, Barcola. Barcola was interesting and had one couture store that I went back to later in the evening, and the sim was definitely worth visiting because it also helped fill out the whole theme that begins in Miramare. All these sim names may start to overwhelm, so I’m including a map here that will generally trace our porgress though the sims we hiked though during out two days. The red line is hiking and the blue was a teleport.

I realize you can barely makeout the names of the sims but if you squint really hard or just open the map with a search for “Miramare” you’ll be able to have a better idea. In looking at our route I realize we didn’t spend enough time checking out Miramare or Grignano, and these are really centerpieces in our exploration. Maybe we’ll head back there when we resume.

So, we hiked up through Barcola and back into Sistiana and down into Luna. Not much to say about Luna, but they did have some interesting stores and a radio station. The amphitheater type area of Luna is a place that seems to attract designers and programmers; maybe they test their suff there.

From Luna we teleported to the very strange land of Gibson. Now, Gibson was an almost eerie sim because it was dark and dreary and looked like a place you’d film a horror movie. Our party wandered down the big overhead highway and then came to some type of buildings which seemed to be inhabited or at least habitable. In fact, we had wandered into “Nexus Prime – City of the Future”. We had also picked up a new member to our party along the way, and all of us just sort of stood around and wondered what the idea behind the sim actually was or is. After a few minutes, I thought the best idea was to just get out of the sim, so I did a map check and set a beacon for some structures in Bonifacio.

Bonifacio was memorable only in that it forms the southwestern quadrant of the Ahern Welcome Area, where we headed and hung out for awhile. By this time Mistress Happy and the newbie gal who was following up had left our party. If you haven’t visited the Ahern WA it is really worth the time. I go there once in awhile just to see the newbies arriving and encountering the denizens of the WA. On the right day, it can be quite a show. One thing Tea, Ice and I agreed on is that when you are a newbie it sure is nice when an experienced av takes you under their wing and helps you get rid of that noob look and find your way.

We continued our journey from Ahern into Dore where there is a lovely Japanese style Orientation center, and then in the northeastern quadrant of the sim, we found some interesting stores. I think we all had fun although Tea was battling her Internet connection most of the journey. I made a landmark at the point where we ended the day’s hike, and we all parted.

I’m very encouraged about what this quest to see all of the continents. I think it might take many months to finish, maybe even a year, but as long as there are new discoveries to make, I”m going to head out on the trail at least two or three times a week. Later last night, I chatted with Tea and we recalled that newbie girl who hooked up with us. In the future we will invite fellow wanderers into our group. I mean, thre are no hard and fast rules to this thing. Hehe, I’m reminded of Forrest Gump running back and forth across the country.

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