Ladies Mount Your Snails !

Yesterday, our adventure party had difficulties getting started, and we decided to just meet in Miramare where we were planning to take a group photo, then resume our journey. Mistress Happy, Ice and Tea joined me in the middle of the street and we attempted to get together for a group shot but perhaps we were so something that all the hound dogs in the area kept swarming over us and crashing into us, so we had to settle for just snapping away to get any shots we could.

I concluded that maybe my Dorothy outfit was too provacative and inviting to serve as proper adventure attire, so I switched to my new Andorian outfit which came equipped with a snazzy blaster. Tea on the other hand went a step further and became the cutiest little monkey I’ve ever seen, and you’ll have to see her photo to completely understand. OTOH, Mistress Happy has special skills and techniques for dealing with peskie hound dogs and she exterminated as many as she could, while her Ice huddled with Tea and I with our Move Locks “on” to help avoid being tossed all over town.

Mistress could not join us as the new leg of the journey began, so Ice, Tea and I began our hike though the excruciatingly laggy Miramare. We made our way north and came to a causeway leading across Miramare Bay to the residential regions that include Shermerville Central, Shermerville Northwest, Blumfeld and West Haven. Along the way we picked up a Hungarian follower who wanted to have sex with us, or as he initally described it, “be making family”. I told him we were all — well — lesbians, which horrified poor Tea, but it was effective. Then I advised Luki, that’s his name, to go to a “sex having place”. I even advised him how to get there by doing a search on “free sex”, and after he made a few more attempts to be “making sex”, he left.

Tea’s Internet connectivity problems persisted through the entire journey and when we returned to Miramare to finish our journey she decided to break off for the day. It was just Ice and I now, and we hiked through Miramare and down into Grignano to cover the sections we had not previously covered. Since walking was becoming a little slow we started experimenting with different forms of transportation and Ice suggested that we start riding giant snails. I was skeptical at first it just took a couple minutes aboard my trusty steed to realize that this was a fine way for an adventure party to travel. With our obedient snail mounts we made a teleport back to the region where our journey ended on the previous adventure, northeastern Dore.

From Dore, we travelled across the border to Darkwood and spent some pleasant time riding and galloping and flying our giant snails across the both bizarre and beautiful structures and landscapes of the region. When we reached a lovely garden we decided to end the days journey, poor Ice was starving because she hadn’t had dinner and it was like 9:30pm in her corner of the real world. So, below is the map of our route sans the residential regions.

It was a good day for adventuring. We have now covered a total of fourteen (14) sims on the first Continent, Sansara. We are also learning what an adventure party needs and I’ve put together a Adventure Survival Guide. I’m also starting to realize that my previous estimate of how long our journey could take may be way off. If there are thousands of sim and we average six to eight sims a day, and only go adventuring two to three times a week… well, I think you can do your own arithmetic. A couple days ago I was worried that if we see all of Second Life then the mystique will be lost, but i no longer feel this way.

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