One of those Mornings

This is one of those mornings that I wish I hadn’t decided to write a journal entry every single day, 365 days a year until who knows when. It’ s actually a good morning and yesterday was a good day, but I just don’t feel like writing. I think it was Hemingway who once said or at least noted, “It is a good thing to strike while the iorn is hot, but a better thing to make the iorn hot by striking”. I like Hemingway because my family knew him, at least my Aunt Annie did from their days on the Keys. He was an occassional topic of discussion when Aunt Annie got loaded on Canadian Club. She knew Hemingwaybecause she met him in Sloppy Joe’s (or was it Dirty Dick’s… think that was in Dry Tortugas) in Key West during her, lets call it her “bar fly”period. Ok, enough rambling, I’ve got to write a jounal entry

The morning started out good when WT and I hooked up. We had some nice time together but both of us are a little sad with the changes that are coming to our relationship. Later in the evening I did my gig with Ziffy Zarf, who is a really nice person by the way as well as one of the hippest of the blues DJs and a cool stand alone act with his harmonica. I had to ask Ziffy if he’d mind if I left early from our gig (this made me a nervous wreck just to ask) and he said no problem. So, I did the gig for one hour only; from 5pm to 6pm.

The reason I left early is because it was Sheridan’s Rez Day party. If you have read my blog before (and I know there are actual readers out there — love all of you), you know that Sheri and I have been friends since we were noobs. Sheri is actually about two weeks my senior, but we just took to each other as though we came through the same day at Orientation Island. The truth is that Sheri has that effect on a lot of people.

The party was being held at Starfleet’s private club, and I always enjoy mingling with the gang over there because they are creating one of the experiences that makes SL the adventure it is. And it was to be a formal occassion and I was kind of expecting the Starfleet members to attend in their dress uniforms, but it turned out that most members where there in civilian formalware.

I imagined that since it was Starfleet it would be appropriate to go as an Andorian (you know, from the Star Trek Enterprise series) and I spent at least a half hour searching for a proper dress that would make my blue Andorian skin look natural. As I should have expected, it turned out that I was the only Andorian there, one person even asked me what I was (I think he might need to go back to basic training).

The party was a lot of fun and I shot a lot of photos, some are attached. And, so there, I made it through writng my journal and it was fun, now that it’s done.

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