Expedition # 6 Journal

I returned to Clara to begin tonights journey. Earlier in the day I prepared an exploration plan and I sent out a group notice but no one was available. So, I mounted my trusty steed, Arrow and began the expedition.

I crossed into Varney at the Sevem Samurai plot, a Japanese style inspired area. I was travelling airborne, maybe ten meters overhead, and while exploring the region I met two denizens of the region, Comrade Morigi, a Bolshevick blackbird and Squiffy Rogozarski, a rotund beer drinker in “comfortable” clothes and a parrot on his shoulder. We chatted a bit, exchanged some thoughts on this second life but it was time for me to move on.

Nearby there was a tall mountain with a pirates hideout atop. Three times I attempted to explore the hideout but each time my computer crashed and I had to reboot each time. I have experienced an unusual number of crashes so far on this frist continent and I wonder about this. On my recovery, I decided to head south away form the Murder-Death-Kill mountain and pass through the waterways and land formations that make up Varney.

I entered Minna and right awayI found an interesting store, Davinity Home Store. I puttered around the store and surrounding gardens. I found a couple of items for my house in NKW and I found three new early Second Life maps. (I think I might feature several of the maps I’ve found in tommorrows journal.) Anyway, the landowners in Minna did a relatively good job of keeping styles complitmentary.

The crossing into the Ritch sim from the north western entrance, left a distinct impression that this sim was someone’s fantasy. I gave Arrow a gentle kick and we rode on in and my first impression was confirmed. At the southern border, there it was, the obligatory non-sensical giant tree with standard tree platform/club. Oh, and there was a deer standing up there for some reason.

I was flying aournd Ritch when I got an IM from WT. He completed the trip to Arizona and was in his hotel room with a good broadband connection. He joined me in Ritch and reluctantly hopped aboard a slug. For a short while,we rode our slugs around the region, but as both of us were a bit tired ended the expedition and headed over to Toby’s for some dancing before bedtime.

About Yordie

I'm an avatar from Second Life and gamer on Xbox. I'm also the author of The Temporal Expeditions sci-fi novel series.
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