Saturday Part II: Running Wild

I’ve broken Saturday’s journal into two parts, this second part begins when I returned in the afternoon to see if all the crashing of earlier in the day had somehow magically disappeared. Things started off well and before long my confidence started to be restored.

Bronia Vanalten and I seemed destined to hangout together. She invited me over to see her house and we hung out there for awhile, gossiping and trading LM to different stores. Both of us had also eaten something that disagreed with our stomachs, I ate chili peppers at lunch, and we were trying out different tummy remedies while we chatted.

As evening settled in, we went over to DreamCatchers and danced like crazy. Axe Nitely was at there and the women outnumbered men by an unhealthy ratio, but the music was fun and DC is such a great place. Around the end of gig, Broni and I split up for a bit and I ran over to check my value in the Female Auction at Toby’s, then got a notice from DJ Crighton about a 50s theme gig at Diamond Aurbierre’s new place. I didn’t have any 50s clothes but ran over there anyway, and was thrilled to see lots of friends including Gal & Lou. I think I’ve mentioned this before but I always enjoy partying with Gal because she adds us on her dance chim and works that thing better than anyone I know. During the evening, Magi & Matt arrived then later Ziffy & Maddy. While dancing, BigD Flanagan and I sort of sync’d up and rocked with Gal’s rowdy crew. I stayed until the gig started to break, then headed home.

Broni and I were running wild in separate directions but staying in touch by IM. I headed over to Junkyard and at first was stunned to see no one there. It turned out that everyone was over at a concert at the beach, so I walked over and found Dar & Ali hosting. ArorA Chadbourne was performing on stage and right away I was taken with her lovely voice.

Meanwhile, Broni had fallen in love with a Panamanian guy named Zorro, but they were frisky for some action, so I told her to get on over and bring her new lover. Broni, Zorro and I danced and carried on until Zorro returned to RL, at which point Broni turned blue and needed a new love in her life. This is where things got kind of crazy because I thought Kurt might like be a good match. So, I IM’s him and tried to hook the two of them up together for a little fling, which I know at least got off to some kind of start but I’m not sure how it turned out.

It was getting lated and I was getting tired but too energized to go to bed yet, and I headed over to Toby’s for one last dance before making the leap back to my RL bed. The place was pretty crowded but I managed to find a dance partner and we did the Hot Salsa and chatted until I couldn’t stay awake any longer. It was a fun evening. I had fun. Running wild is fun.

About Yordie

I'm an avatar from Second Life and Xbox gamer. I wrote the sci-fi novel The Temporal Expeditions, and am working on book 2 of trilogy.
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  1. It was fun dancing with you too Yordie :).


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