I was dancing with my boyfriend at HOT WET BLUES last night. It was kind of late but I got an IM from Ima Flanagan. The tone of her IM had a sense of concern, and she advised me that someone had made a winning bid for me at the Juke Joint Auction. She said it was, “a guy named Ivanerection Oh” and then immediately asked there would be a problem with my boyfriend. Hehe. Of course, this is exactly how the auction should have ended, with me being sold to a man name “Ivanerection”. The winning bid for me was L$2,000, which put my worth as an avatarian in the lower half of the women being auctioned of. Before turning my attention to my boyfriend, I assured Ima that everything would be ok (I hoped!).

Oh my! So, I flipped the IM tab to start telling my b/f the news. Actually and technically, about a week ago my boyfriend decided that we should not call each other b/f and g/f any longer, becasue we will not be seeing each other very much in the Spring and Summer. I began by announcing that there was news from the auction. He said, oh? And then I asked if he wanted the good news first, and before he could answer I advised him that the man who bought me is married in RL and SL, and I even know his wife. Then I told my boyfriend that the man who won me is named, Ivanerection Oh. There was a pause.

Ok, ok, ok. If you don’t know Ivanerection you are probably thinking, OMG !! And “that will learn you Ms. smarty pants Yordie Sands”. And, that will teach you to put yourself up for auction. But I’ve known Ivan for a long time, almost as long as my best friend Sheridan, all the way back to within the first month from my rez date. I met Ivan at Carys Dahlstrom’s Pier in about May 2007 and we have stayed friends because he is a good man — a little bit crazy — but a guy who has help me along the way when things have been tough for me in this Second Life.

OTOH, I think my b/f was a little bit relieved that he cleared the slate of our formal boyfriend/girlfriend status. But hey, don’t get any ideas because he and I still love each other and have a genuine vow of friendship. he is also confident enough about our relationship that he was really ok with the whole thing. However, he did indicate that turnabout might be fair play in the future, and he might be auctioning himself off at some unspecified point in time.

The story isn’t over though. No, I couldn’t leave well enough alone. No, that isn’t my style once I start screwing things up. No, I suggested we go over to Toby’s to see what was going on as the auction results were posted, and that is what we did. When the smoke from rezzing had cleared, we saw the wall of all the women who had entered the auction — there were a lot! And I was impressed with how many women had bids in the L$10,000 range and even the L$5,000 range. There were a lot of us who had bids for a lot less, and I was glad that Ivan rescued me from coming in much lower on the list — my value was only L$800 the day before.

But this is NOT where the story ends, oh no. My boyfriend left for the evening and I had the bright idea to head into the club and chat with some of the other girls from the auction. And almost as soon as I entered the club, I saw Deathknell, Enigma and Katydid. After the greetings, I revealed that I had been sold to “Mr. Ivanerection” and rather quickly, inquiring minds wanted to know if that was his real name. I confessed that it was and I tried to explain that I had known Ivan for a long time. I explained that we were friends, but other people were kind of stuck back at Ivan’s name. I was offered condolences and advice not to enter contests where anyone can bid on you.

Oh my! The more I tried to explain, the more hopeless the task became. What else could I do? Afterall, hadn’t I throughly disgraced myself by now. Hehe. So, I went home and decided that I better get this journal entry written before my mind tries to erase it in my sleep.

The truth about Ivanerection is that he is a highly sought after DJ, with a loyal following. He also has many friends and I am one of them. Ivan has always been a gentleman with me and I’ve never been ashamed to be his friend. In short, I’m happy that Ivan will be my escort to tonight’s formal at Juke Joint. He and I haven’t had a good chance to really catch up for a long time, and I’m looking forward to chatting with him while we dance.

Other news: Earlier in the morning, WT and I went looking at horses. You see, I love my slug “Arrow”, and I’d probably stick with him for my journeys but I need something with a little more class. Sunday night, Aynnie’s Hart gave me some LMs to a couple of horse ranches. I tried one out and it had a nice look and feel, but the price is a bit steep, L$2,000. (Yeah, that number again.) The price is just too much for me, so I’ll have to keep shopping for a cheaper horse, and stick with my slug until I find one.

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I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm active on Twitter. I'm a U.S. Air Force veteran. I'm a gamer in Fallout series, Skyrim, and other games, including an avatar in Second Life. I wrote the sci-fi novel, The Temporal Expeditions.
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