Day at the Beach

You can never plan for a day like yesterday. WT and I didn’t really realize that it had become so special until we were already half-way through the day. It started out in the afternoon after LL got SL running again. When I arrived there were many of my friends online and it was iffy if WT would be back at all.

I decided to resume the ill-fated Expedition #6 that ended in that crash trap, Immaculate. I just put on some jeans, a jersey and my trusty timberlands and headed over to the approximate site of my last crash over a week ago. I started puttering around then mounted my beloved Arrow, the slug, and then began a low altitude flight across the terrain. I travelled north up the eastern half of the sim and crossed back into Ritch continuing my northerly glide across the sky. At the northern Ritch border I swung east into Zoe sim at Tumble Arrow and headed down the sim, across to the east then back north to the northeastern border.

Truly, there was nothing extraordinary about the Immaculate, Ritch or Zoe sims, although occassionally interesting (just enough) to make the trip enjoyable. However, as I continued east into Clementina my interest rose. Entering Clementina, I got an IM from WT and he joined me for the exploration of that sim, and we setup our voice chat. Together WT and I discovered an early SL settlment called, Governor Linden’s Mansion, an SL Heritage Home. This parcel was an information hub and was interesting in that it gave a sense of how SL had evolved since that structure was built. Below is a picture of the mansion.

The expedition had become a bit tiresome to me in light of the fact that there were no great discoveries, and WT’s avie was having some troubles with “walking typhoid”, so we decided to leave and do some partner stuff. We went over to the Junkyard and danced until the sim crashed. On return we went shopping for wedding rings — oh my! Then we just headed home. We puttered around the house and talked about some things we could to do make our beach more fun, and while on our beach we sort of ended up wandering on over to the public beach.

As I said when I started this journal entry, it is hard to plan a day like today. It was a nice day and we were in a sort of lazy Saturday mood. The music at the beach was nice, kind of Brazilian, so we put on our bathing suits and took in some pixelated rays. And we started getting into just lying around on the beach, curled up and chatting in voice. And time just started rolling by. Maybe it was that Brazilian music, you know, like “The Girl from Ipanima” (I think that’s Brazilian?), but regardless it was perfect. Being partnered also helped with the mood too, but the most interesting thing was, there was just a sense that we were really there on that beach. I’m going to write about this “being there” feeling in the future, but you get the point.

Anyway, the day rolled on and the midday sun started to turn into sunset along the way, but we just kept chatting and I’d take an occassional photo. I was goinng to try to get some friends to come visit with us and just hang out, but it would have been a bit of a hassle and it really wasn’t necessary. Before long, the sun had gone down and the afternoon had turned into evening both in SL and RL. This was a magic moment, lying thre. I recounted to WT the times I had lain on Florida beaches after the sun had gone down, especially on comfortable evenings with breezes and I swear that we were there in many ways. What a day! What a night! You just can’t plan this kind of thing.

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