Sunday in New Key West

Yesterday, real life overpowered my Second Life and left me vaguely ill-at-ease all day. It’s that April 15th deadline for taxes and I haven’t begun to enter my stock trades into TurboTax, and let’s just say that I have more than a hundred trades (a lot more) and I’m worried sick that I’m going to get screwed by the Wash Sale rule.

WT was n’tin real life most of the day either. However, we met late in the evening and hung out on our beach for awhile. WT has been building a radio for us and together we have been collecting a massive play list of radio stations for review. It is very cute seeing WT involved in building the radio; kind of like the husband hanging out in the garage fiddling around with sodering iorns and speakers and tuners. Hehe.

After WT headed off to bed, I saw that Broni had come online. I invited her to come over to see the work WT and I have done on our beach. We chatted and played around with various animations, then walked over to Dali’s Place to check it out before the big opening on Saturday. I’ve only known Broni for a short time and enjoy hanging out with her and having her as a girlfriend.

I consider myself lucky to have many girlfriends in Second Life. I think the women of SL are the glue that holds SL “society” together because we tend to stick together as girlfriends. I mean, most of the SL guys I know complain that it is hard to meet other guys and become friends — that is, until they have SL wives. It’s us wives who bring the guys together more than in real life because one of the main ways that guys meet in RL — through work — is missing in SL.

Ok, I don’t want to paint too rosey a picture here. Girlfriends do come and go, and there is gossip and occassional drama. And I’ve had spats with a couple of girlfriends and have even dumped one former girlfriend into the waste basket. And there is the occassional “girl” friend who turns out to be a guy, but the truth is those guys rarely make it very far because they don’t really think like women.

Time to get these darned taxes done!

About Yordie

I'm an avatar from Second Life and gamer on Xbox. I'm also the author of The Temporal Expeditions sci-fi novel series.
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