Dali’s Opening

For the past couple months I’ve been watching as Dali’s Place in New Key West has been developed, and last night was the grand opening. WT and I attended in our most formal attire which included me in my beautiful lilac evening gown and WT’s tuxedo. It was a good opening night crowd and they had live entertainment, but the act went on way too long. Nonetheless, I look forward to hanging out at Dali’s and love the way our Keys lifestyle is evolving.

We left Dali’s and since we were in our formal attire I checked to see if anything was going on at Camelot, but there wasn’t so we headed on over to Midsomer, which is becoming one of our favorite formal places. We danced and enjoyed our expaned graphics view of the area, but I had a hunch that WT really wanted to get back to our beach.

Once we arrived at our beach, WT pulled out the magnficent radio that he has been building and we settled back on the beach with our music. We talked a lot about how totally relaxing this beach experience is and I asked WT if he ever thinks about our beach and his second life while he is at work during the day. His answer was yes, and we agreed that we have a really good thing going together here.

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