The Fundraiser Begins !

It has been a stressful project over the past few weeks, but last night HOT-WET-BLUES held a formal dance to kick-off our Date Auction for Autism. We had 15 people on our auction board and I believe we will have a few new ones to add. Magi also showed me the gift we will be giving away to our ladies the night of the auction, but I will keep the secret and simply say it was perpared by Kiaraluna Frangilli. The dance was lovely and many HWB friends joined us, but the big news is that we booked over L$40,000 in solid bids within the first few minutes of the auction, but again I’ll wait for the official announcement for the full count. The silent auction continues until April 30th when the winners will be revealed by DJ IornGut.

In the morning, WT and I had all kinds of projects in motion. We agreed on a really fun radio stations (including a Jimmy Buffet station) to be the playlist for his beautiful new radios, then we deeded the first radio to our beach. Also, Ivanerection’s wife, Lexa Hastings and I finally got together for a really nice photoshoot. Lexa has really pretty green eyes and red hair and we got some great shots, I’m wavering between my favorites but I think the black backdrop produced the most dramatic photo. A little later in the day, WT and I were looking through our photo album and I couldn’t resist grabbing one more photo of that face I love.

It was a very active day for me and I went through many emotions, but I’m happy that the Date Auction has begun. I will be out of town and away from SL for several days, and I expect to spend every moment with that little sweetheart of mine.

About Yordie

I'm an avatar from Second Life and gamer on Xbox. I'm also the author of The Temporal Expeditions sci-fi novel series.
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