Trouble in Paradise

The current status of the “Date for Autism” auction was released, over L$60,000 in bids. That is very good news and I’m very happy about this development. In addition, I know that friends who are not participating in the auction have contributed to the Blues for Autism kiosks directly.

Anyway, during the morning I hung out with Lacey at HWB. Lots of friends arrived throughout the morning including Aynnie and Gal. We had a major gossip session going and were having a grand old time until a creepy guy showed up. He was in a swim suit and looked very much like an underage avitar (like 15, even younger). His behavior was more or less respectful but he asked each woman if they liked him, offered friendship and move into their space. He did the same thing to me and I told him to back off, but I didn’t know how to handle the situation. I mean, I had the power to eject him but I was just plain confused. So, I contacted Magi and she arrived on the scene, and a short while later Andru arrived. Andru stepped right in front of the creepy avie at which point our visitor *poofed*. Andru didn’t do anything, but the guy must have realized that his little act was about to end.

After the incident I went shopping with Aynnie. Ayn was very sad from a real life experience with one of her pets, so shopping was a good therapy. We hung out, racing around the store buying this and that, then returned to real life. I like Aynnie and I have great sympathy for anyone who loses a cherished pet. It is hard to comprehend how much we come to love our little furry friends.

In the evening, WT arrived and felt like doing something new, so we met Sheri at Starfleet and then went wandering off into the sim. The United Federation Starfleet members have done a good job of making the Starfleet and enjoyable sim. WT and I toured the grounds but didn’t really explore the upper level of the skyscrapers or beam up to Risa Station. Maybe sometime in the future we can continue our exploration.

After our visit to Starfleet we went to Toby’s, hoping to spend the remainder of the evening dancing. Unfortunately, WT was experience many technical difficulties, so we headed over to the Junkyard and found a nice dance ball to settled in on. Many friends arrived while we were chatting and it looked like we have a pleasant evening before heading off to bed. However, our conversation took a very ugly turn. The topic of keeping SL and RL separate came up once again, and I’m really fed-up with constantly discussing this issue.

About Yordie

I'm an avatar from Second Life and gamer on Xbox. I'm also the author of The Temporal Expeditions sci-fi novel series.
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