The Leap Across the Cascades

When you drive west on I90 and cross the high desert of eastern Washington, you approach the Cascade range and the Snoqualme Pass. I had not made the trip in almost five years and I was overwhelmed at the spectacle of the pass and those mountains covered with millions and millions of giant evergreens. I do not think I’m exaggerating when I say there must be millions and millions of trees. In a real sense, crossing the pass is a leap across space and time, and this is really where my little escape into real life began. And then it was all over and I was home and afterall, this blog is about Second Life and not how I spent my weekend.

So, I entered SL with more of a spin than a jump and landed in our house where Lilly the cat was sleeping, seemly unaware that I had returned. I had several IMs and was bombared with group notices which I clicked through hoping not to miss something important. Anyway, I did spot a message from Magi McBride about the Autism concert on Saturday and as I read it I could not believe my eyes — L$450,000 AND US$500. I contacted Magi immediately to confirm what I had just read, and she assured me. I was so happy for her because she pushed herself very hard and at a great cost in stress to make these fundraising activities work. I was also choked up about the many bluesy friends that it must have taken to achieve that kind of success.

By now, my brain was back to speeds in excess of 70mph even though I had been off the road for more than an hour, and for some reason I decided that it might be a good idea to just go Virtual Starry Night and so I did — I have no idea why I did this. I wandered around waiting for things to rez when fortunately WT arrived in-world, giving me a perfect reason to leave. I raced home for all the hugs I could get and we sat for awhile, considered heading over to the Junkyard, then decided to spend a little time on our beach, which we did. We were both tired and between us we had the sense not to enter into a conversation that might require much thinking, opting to enjoy each other and some music until WT was ready for bed.

I should have gone to bed with WT but I simply was not sleepy. I started making the rounds, first to HOT-WET-BLUES then to the Junkyard. The yard was packed and there were friends everywhere, just the way I love it. Kiff and Dina where there and shortly after I arrived, Dina mentioned that she had read my journal. I was embarrassed but she said she enjoyed it, so I was very happy about that because I’ve come to understand that there are people who actually read what I write. Then, Fiery Otaared announced the results of the Autism fundraiser and my eyes watered up as she thanked all the people who helped. It was a very large amount of money that was raised, in SL terms. And I think the people who contributed realized that they had helped create something very special right there amid the pixels and sounds and emotions.

I danced through Fiery’s set but still wasn’t sleepy and just wandered to the backside of the yard and sort of resigned myself to just keep dancing until I was too tired to keep my head up. Then, ping, I was in a most fascinating IM with JohnD Fitzgerald who had read part of my blog after Richardina mentioned it. It turns out that JohnD is a man of vision and great projects, like rebuilding the entire Acropolis and providing a sanctuary for beings to rediscover their need for Truth and Goodness and Beauty. We chatted for awhile but JohnD recognized that he was talking to a woman whose thoughts were like runaway processes in a program what was rapidly destablizing. We agreed to chat again when I was not so tired.

Then I wrote all of what you’ve just read. Now I’m finally sleepy. Mmmmmmmm. Sleepy.

About Yordie

I'm an avatar from Second Life and gamer on Xbox. I'm also the author of The Temporal Expeditions sci-fi novel series.
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