The Day Before The Auction

Yes, it was the day before the auction and later today we will hold the Date Auction for Autism.

In the morning I hung out with Magi, Lacey and the crowd at HOT WET BLUES, but my back was aching very badly and I had to bail out early in the day.

In the afternoon I returned and hung out at the house for awhile. Lilly, my kitty, was there just doing cat stuff like lying around and playing with her ball and staring out the window. She has a mind of her own and even when you give her a command, she makes up her own mind about whether she will do what you have commanded. I’m actually amazed at how cat like she is. More than anything I’ve encountered in SL so far, my kitty has proven to me that artificial human-like beings can function and evolve here in SL.

During the evening I hosted for Ali at the club. I enjoy Ali’s shows and she is getting better each week in her role as DJ. Ali is also a fine person and donated all of her tips to the Blues for Autism fundraiser. The crowd was rather light and mostly women until about 7pm when more and more of our bluesy friends arrived, including my WT. Hosting is a fun job in SL and a great way to meet people; it is stressful also and I’m never really sure if I am helping the DJ I’m are trying to serve.

After the show WT and I raced home. I still wasn’t feeling so good and the best therapy I know of is to curl up on the beach with WT, which is what we did. I watched the movie WT made for me earler in the day; it was a very sweet little story he wove together with pictures and music. In the rush of daily activity is it easy to loose sight of the things that makes someone dear to you, and it was nice to have WT’s movie to help me though a rough day. WT and I got tired and went to bed in the same poof.

Later in the night, I came back online and did some shopping and sorting of inventory until I was sleepy.

About Yordie

I'm an avatar from Second Life and gamer on Xbox. I'm also the author of The Temporal Expeditions sci-fi novel series.
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