Bravo Magi McBride !

There is no other way for me to describe it than to say, yesterday was Magi McBride’s day. Last night we held our Date Auction for Autism and by 5pm the bid tally exceeded L$150,000. Personally, I was thrilled to achieve that much but the evening had not even begun. Guests started arriving around 6pm and continued to 7pm and thoughout the evening more guests continued to arrive. In fact, our dance floor was full before even DJ IronGut McCallister arrived.

All of the HOT-WET-BLUES hostesses were there, plus Dixon and Bocce, plus Kiaraluna Frangilli hosted for DJ IronGut. IronGut played some fun music and slyly annouced each of the winning bids throughout the evening. There were some surprise bids, like a whopper L$42,000 winning bid for Natalie Braathens and Andru DuCasse’s L$75,999 bid for Magi. And among the winning bids was my bid for WT, and SA Witt’s winning bid for me (I’ve been calling SA, Archer).

Once Archer’s winning bid had been annouced, I asked him to dance with me and after some coaxing he did. However, after a couple minutes of small talk, we had the most extraordinary conversation. Well, it wasn’t really a conversation, just a question. Archer asked if he thought Andru would mind if he paid L$75,000 for one dance with Magi. I was rather stunned but told him I’d ask Magi and when I did, Magi was rather stunned, and she asked Andru and I assume he was rather stunned, but in about a minute the answer came back, yes. And wow, then DJ Iron made the announcement and the crowd was stunned and the pair stepped into the center of the dance floor for an L$80,000 dance.

Between Magi’s Andru, SA’s surprise donation and all the other winning bids and donations, the event raised nearly L$300,000 and when coupled with other fundraising activities like the concert, the total funds raised approached L$800,000. In addition, the Blues for Autism website drew about US$550 or in Lindens, L$135,000. I remember chatting with Magi about what might constitute a successful fundraiser. We talked about other successful fundraisers and I think we concluded that raising US$500 would be a success, but Magi assured me that we’d do better than that and she did by seven-fold.

One last thing, it takes courage to put yourself up for auction and let people place a value on you for the public to see. I can assure anyone who has not thought about this, it feels very lonely and embarrassing when you are one of the people at the bottom of the list. I say this because I was near the bottom of the list in the Juke Joint auction just a month ago. However, without people willing to take that risk, we would not have been able to hold our event. We only had sixteen ladies and gents putting themselves at risk and we just can’t thank them enough.

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I'm an avatar from Second Life and Xbox gamer. I wrote the sci-fi novel The Temporal Expeditions, and am working on book 2 of trilogy.
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