Friendly Clubs

I’ve been thinking about the many clubs in SL. When I ventured out to my first SL club I had no idea what to expect, and as good luck had it I tp’d into a club where I was greeted by many friendly welcomes. I was a bit overwhelmed, didn’t quite no what to do and could barely keep up with the chat. I didn’t even know what a dance ball was. The club was Carys Dahlstrom’s Pier and after a couple of insecure visits I really got into the swing of things, and the Pier became my hangout for many months. From the very beginning, even as a little noob in freebie clothes, I felt welcome. Unfortunately, the club I discovered as a noob has changed and the last few times I visited were not pleasant experiences.

I believe HOT WET BLUES is a friendly club and one of the things that makes me feel validated as a hostess is when someone new comes to our club and makes that observation. I’m not saying that a host or hostess makes a club a friendly club, but a good host “tries” to. It all starts with a simple greeting when someone arrives at the club, and at a freindly club that first “Hi” starts a wave of welcomes from other guests. I know that shy people can feel awkard in finding themselves as the center of attention, but even shy people need to know that their visit is appreciated.

WT and I get around to a lot of different clubs, mostly blues clubs and romantic formal dance ballrooms, and we have favorites that we go back to again and again. I’m not going to list them because if I do then the order of the names might indicate some kind of preference, but I have mentioned our favorite clubs in these jounal entries in the past. Anyway, we’ve been to clubs that don’t have that friendly quality and regardless of the DJ or the music, we just don’t go back. The worst clubs seem to focus on their inner circle of regulars to the exclusion of new guests; when I walk into a club like that I leave rather quickly and never return.


Yesterday was a good day. I did my gig with Ziffy in the afternoon, and WT arrived about mid-point. Skylar and OhSuzyQ where there with their beautiful tigers. Sky gave me a big beautiful Bengal tiger who seemed to like following me; not sure if that is a good thing and hope I don’t end up as a meal. The crowd was small, but Ziffy’s musical selections were just great. After the show, WT and I raced home to our beach with it’s blanket and fire and the special menu-driven radio WT made. We stayed up rather late and that’s all I need to say about that.

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I'm an avatar from Second Life and Xbox gamer. I wrote the sci-fi novel The Temporal Expeditions, and am working on book 2 of trilogy.
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