Expedition # 7

Sunday was a good day for an expedition. It had been nearly a month since the last trip and I laid out a plan to explore seven sims on the Sansara continent.

I started in Stillman where I mounted my Arrow, and rapidly passed through the mostly water bound Beirne and Balkanski sims. We descended below the surface and travelled along the sea floor where I noted our depth and discovered that the deepest point in either sim was 2 meters, and that was actually very deep water. I didn’t see anything of interest along the seabed, and entered Miru with an ascent to the beach. Miru was an interesting sim only in the way it was laid out on the map. There was a Miru Isles Museum which had some unique “early” artwork but I don’t think I’ll be returning.

From Miru we headed south into Tilitr, which left me with the impression I get so often in my explorations; that is, just another sim where an occasional good idea is corrupted with unextraordinary mansions and thoughtless abominations. At this point in the expedition I wasn’t enjoying the journey much but still had enough curiosity to propel me further north into Solang. And Solang was a slightly more interesting sim. I even found a lovely pier where someone had docked a couple of nice sloops and jet skis. If you look at the map, you can plot a course through the waterways leading to open water sims to the south. There are other waterways that also might be worth exploring and this is an attractive feature you find in all of this region; that is, if you enjoy boating.

I was encouraged a bit by my discovery in Solang and continued with renewed determination just to finish this expedition. Continuing west I entered Mesede where I made made my way in a crossing pattern that took me to a castle in the southwestern quadrant, but it was empty and appeared to be owned by Governor Linden. Then, shortly after passing the castle I entered the first themed sim I had seen in quite awhile. I had entered De Haro and while it was not a lavish sim, it was very enjoyable and Arrow and I roamed and enjoyed the scenery, hovering just above the ground for quite awhile. And, well, I’ve been thinking about old Arrow. He has been a good snail and my sense of humor has allowed me to ride him without much embarrassment but like I said, I’ve been thinking. The truth is, I need a fine horse, perhaps a dapple gray mare, and Arrow needs to be set free in a nice place where he can roam and live out his days. So, in the lovely forests of De Haro, I set him free and said, good bye.

I was ready to end my journey as planned. I wandered around a bit, but Boardman was just a few meters away and just kept moving and entered the Boardman sim. Now, there is a lot to observe in this sim, and the first thing that you can realize just by looking at the map of the sim is that is a planned community where the theme is a residential neighborhood. I walked along all all the streets and visited its town hall, the Boardman Non-Denominational Church, flea market, cemetery, soccer playground, parks and most of its houses, and I was impressed.

The sim had that “early” feel that I’ve observed often. and with a couple of exceptions, it also had a vacant vibe because most of it’s houses appeared to be well, vacant and unlived-in. Not only were the houses empty, there didn’t seem to be anyway to rent them. There was one exception where I found a rental box, but the lease agreement was worse than the terms of most real life leases. All things considered, you have to give the developer of Boardman a lot of credit, but the lack of actual residents really detracts from the achievement.

After Boardman, my curiosity was still unquenched and I continued westerly into Kissling, another planned community with a high mountain Bravarian theme. I was pretty tired by the time I got to Kissling but my attention turned to one of it’s prominent stores that sells hover cars. I spent maybe 15 minutes examining all the cars and was captivated by a two-seater model which I bought. I thought it would be great for WT and I to go adventuring in, but almost immediately I began to regret the purchase because it drove like a bumper car though the streets of Kissling. It was more difficult to control than one of Morton’s race cars and had seemingly no control over speed (not sure?). Anyway, the car is a beauty — I named it Sea Biscuit.

After all the adventuring I had to make the leap back to real life, but I hadn’t seen much of WT yesterday and needed those big strong arms wrapped around me. I returned and WT was at the house (I love it when we arrive at the same time) and we started chatting about his latest building project and my adventures during the day. I also mentioned that here is now a hot air balloon over at the park, and we decided to take a ride. WT took the controls and managed to fly the balloon around the entire sim and landed back where we started, more or less. And then we went for a harrowing ride in Sea Biscuit which ended on our beach.

WT was still frisky after the balloon ride and wanted to go dancing. We went to NOT TOO HOT and then over to Toby’s Juke Joint. I had spent a lot of time in-world on Sunday and was very tired when WT and I got home. I got some good hugs and then we parted for the evening.

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