Expedition #8 Ends in Mauve

I was anxious to get back on the exploration trail with my new companion, Vixen the Wonder Horse. I arrived in back in Olive and saddled her up and we tried out her hyper-speed control running through the pasture. After our workout I headed north and came across a station for the Great Second Life Rail Way. I was tempted to just take off on a new adventure following the rails, but restrained myself for another time.

So, I turned Vixen west and we headed into other unexplore areas of Olive. We passed the Dark Eden club, then came upon “The Olive Upsidedown Room” which was an upsidedown house, and there was a microwave tower nearby with a space shuttle crashed into it. Then we headed into the northeastern corner of Mocha at Kex’s Happy Mocha Parcel, featuring a larce church.

At first, I was very impressed with the church but upon inspection of the inside I found it to be very unevolved. There was also a pyramid which had a 2001 Space Pod for sale. It looked good, so I dismounted and gave it a look-see. I was tempted to buy it but it had a version 1.0 feel to it, so I made a LM then remounted Vixen. There were quite a few of other interesting things in Mocha. There was Chiri’s House of Wind, Studio East Photography Gallery and a place of special interest, The Guided Tour Company. The latter had all kinds of travelling devices including zepplins, rocket shuttles and also huds that permit couples and groups to walk and do things together.

We left Mocha heading southeast into Lime sim. In the southwestern section I discovered a dark and dreary mansion drenched in rain. It was the Valkyrie Manor, and I immediately thought of my friend Heathcliff (note to self, tell him about this place). Unlike Rex’s church above, the manor is a tour de force of design, contstruction and art. I’m including a couple pictures of both the outside and interior because this is truly one of the extraordinary places I’ve discovered in SL.

There is much more of this elegant creation to see, but it was time to move on. And, unfortunately, adjacent to the manor there was a Buddhist compound that was out of theme with the manor.

Vixen and I move on to the next sim, the Blue sim where the main point of interest is the Blue Airstrip. I found an F-35 Fighter for sale for L$700, and a Boeing 717 jet liner for L$1200. There were plenty of other planes and from Blue you could see the large airfield complex on Gray, all of which was very cool. Once again, I mused about being a jet fighter pilot but it is clear to me by now that I’m just not going anywhere with that.

It was very late, and I needed to move on and finish the expedition, so we entered the Mauve sim from the southwestern quadrant where there was a dozen or so people gathered. The sime is mostly a public sandbox area and even had a Public Sandbox Academy group offering inworld education for building and so forth. I finished the expedition in the northwest corner of Mauve, and immediately prepared a map of Expedition 9.

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I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm also author of the sci-fi novel The Temporal Expeditions. I'm an avatar in Second Life and a gamer in Fallout series, Skyrim, and other games.
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