Junkyard South Beach Opens

Last night the Junkyard had the official opening of their South Beach dance and concert area. Kiff & Dina have been making some really cool changes to the Yard, but I was especially excited in going because ArorA Chadbourne was performing and I love her singing. WT wasn’t online but lots of friends were there including Aliya, Luci and the whole JY crew although Dina was not able to attend due to technical difficulties. I’ve only been to one of ArorA’s concerts before and I got there quite a bit late, so this time I was ready. And Arora did not disappoint; she has a unique strong yet feminine voice and her repertoire is broad — even “Wooly Bully”. She also had on a spectacular dress and I snapped a few picutes.

During the concert Ali and I chatted. I’ve always liked her and have always thought that she and Darrko make a great couple. They have been together longer that any SL couple I know, nine months. I wish I knew her secret for success, but if you excluded the fact that WT and I “unpartnered”, we have been together for over four months. I left as the performance ended and made a short night of it.

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