Some Things Change…

Yesterday started with a bang when Magi & Dixon held a staff meeting to discuss “some changes”. We met in the new conference room and I think Magi was a little bit concerned how things would go, but she advised us that the opening of The MagznDixon Line (the cantina) was a big success last week. It drew a good crowd of some 36 customers which included bluesy family members and also new peeps.

Magi also pointed out the blues clubs including HOT WET BLUES, are basically canabalizing each other’s customer base and no one is doing very well. There are too many blues clubs and too many bluesy DJs and the competition is hurting everyone. On the other hand, classic rock (60s, 70s, 80s) seems to be underserved and coupled with the success of the opening of The Line last week there is strong impetus to transition into the classic rock segment. We aren’t leaving the blues behind, but will be going for a classic rock mix that includes some blues.

WOW! I was very surprised, but I know exactly what the situation is and have seen the clubs and DJ’s basically destorying each other. The good news is that most of our DJ’s have already bought into this change and I’ll be hosting for DJ Ali and DJ Ziffy as I always have. So, in a way things will be the same. I really enjoy hosting for Magi & Dixon, and the truth is they are good employers, so I’m happy about moving forward with them.

In the evening I headed over to catch DJ Crighton and hostess Jayla for opening night under the new format. It was great and we had a good crowd. Even WT showed up grumbling that he didn’t like rock & roll very much, but as Cri spun his tunes even WT started having fun. Well, he started having fun after he pointed out to me that he really liked Jayla’s shorts. Hehe, such a guy! Anyway, I suppose if I wear some shortie-shorts WT will really get into this classic rock.

After the show I worked late on completing the furnishing of the house and photography studio. It’s almost what I had envisioned, but now I’ve been looking at it so much I can’t really be sure if it is as cute as I want. Unless I do the interview, I’ll focus on the plan for the next expedition today.

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