Hard Day

In the evening, Ziffy was set for his first show at The MagznDixon Line. Now, if you know Ziffy Zarf, you know that he is probably the most knowledgeable blues man in Second Life. And, well, the thought of him performing classic rock was an open quesiton. So, he started with the promise to mix some classic rock into his bluesy mix and at first, that’s what he did. However, as the evening wore on he added in more and more classic rock from Chuck Berry (the true King of Rock & Roll) to the Doors and much more. It was a great show. Give me five, my bluesy-rocker man! Woot and all that! Love ya’ Ziffy!!

Later in the evening, Sheri and I had a long conversation about relationships in Second Life. One thing we chatted about is that there seem to be two basic types of people in SL, the committed or residents, and the visitors. The truth is that not everyone in SL is living the life, so to speak. Some people like to visit, just like heading over to a movie or a night club for an entertainment. I think a lot of guys are happier in places like World of Warcraft (which was also featured in the recent CNBC special). But, Sheri and I are committed to creating something here in SL. We have SL homes and places where we work. Sheri has risen to vice-head of security at Starfleet, which is a world in itself, and I’ve become a hostess and have a photography store. I think we both agree that this is a type of game, but the emotions here make the game very real.

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I'm an avatar from Second Life and gamer on Xbox. I'm also the author of The Temporal Expeditions sci-fi novel series.
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