Limping Back Across Space & Time

I managed to limp back across space and time into SL yesterday. I was still sick but it started to dawn on me that the culprit in my recent queasiness might be some Thai food I had eaten. I was looking to spice up my evening meals, and had done so for four evenings in a row. I chatted with several people, including Morton who proclaimed that I was basically poising myself wit the MSG, salt, etc. Anyway, I had a late breakfast and a late dinner and was feeling better by the evening, and I’m feeling quite a bit better this morning. (Note to self)

Sheri and I had a great visit yesterday. I went over to the Zen Retreat and saw the latest developments. A lot has changed since I lived there, although Dakini is still relentlessly redesigning and rebuilding her plots. Nonetheless, Dak and some friends have been buying up plots in the Rieul sim and building on the Asian and Buddhist style in the region and it is shaping up nicely.

When I was noob, I bought my first plot of land in the Retreat compound and added on over time, but over time I got fed up with Dakini’s changes and sold out. Sheri and I were neighbors back then; in fact, Sheri bought her plot right next to mine. I was as happy as a clam to have such a great neighbor. Often at night, we’d get together and talk and gossip and show each other our latest outfits. Yesterday, Sheri remined me of all that and I really miss those times.

WARNING: Ok, I’m going to embarrass myself here. When I was noob, one of my first in-world interests was finding a Japanese tea garden, then Japanese sytle and Zen so forth. And while I still had my noob skin and hair and everything else, I wanted a kimono to wear at the Zen Retreat. So, to make a long story short, here is a photo of me at the Zen Retreat.

Stop laughing! You were noobie once too! I mean, geesh, it was my first week or two. And how many women would have the nerve to even do this? At least I have a sense of humor. (I’m already thinking of returning later today and deleting this.)

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