OMG ! The Big Dance

Yesterday was a nice relaxing break from the hubbub of last week. When I landed in-world I didn’t quite know what to do, so I went shopping. Ah!! I should have been shopping all week because the relief of that first purchase was positively orgasmic. Well, not orgasmic but I settled down. Anyway, while shopping I got an IM from Ellia asking about Magi & Dixon’s re-partnering and the re-opening of Camelot, and all of a sudden I was back in a bit of a panic.

I’m relatively certain that Dixon & Magi are going to keep their re-partnering plans private, but the reopening of Camelot is a certainty. And that reminded me that I am going to need an escort (Not that kind of escort! geesh) for this formal event. Now, let’s be clear, I know I’m pretty and people automatically assume that because of that there are guys throwing themselves at my feet all day long. Hah! The truth is, most guys seem to be afraid of me.

So, I’m no longer partnered, don’t have a current boyfriend or even someone I’m hanging out with. And the thought of going alone to a formal event is a primorida fear; well, pre-high school. I mean, I was bred to go to cotillion for christsake! So, I began my search for an escort right there in the store, Cupcakes. I don’t mean I started looking around for a guy, but I started going though my list of friends, searching for someone who would not be overly zealous if I asked him to be my escort. In fact, there is a great deal I could say about my search, but I did find someone. More on The Big Dance and all this later.


In the evening, I went to DJ Crighton’s gig at the Savoy. It’s a formal club that plays great jazz. I had no idea how multi-faceted Crighton is, musically. Later, I made it to ArorA’s Rez Day concert at Junkyard South (photos of shops). And wow, what a crowd !! As usual, ArorA had a great show but that “BOOBIE” song makes me a bit embarrassed. I like my relatively small and comfortable (I might add) bosom. However, maybe the reason I don’t have a lot of boyfriends has something to do with my breast size. Geesh! I hope not.

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