The Big Dance !

Tonight, I managed to get BigD Flanagan to be my escort for the re-opening of Camelot, Magi & Dixon’s stylized version of the musical play. The castle and grounds were mystical and elegant (I’ll do a photo study of it tommorrow), and the musical selection they worked out with Sir IronGut McCallister was a delight, it included my suggestion of Moon River but IronGut selected the version by Audrey Hepburn. It was so lovely.

I’m sure I talked BigD’s ear off about everything under the Sun, but he was a great sport, pretended he was fascinated and danced like a dream. There were so many members of our family who came, plus new friends including Dali & Surfer from New Key West. I hope we have at least one event each week at Camelot, because this girl love to dress up.

This is the spectacular dress enesemble I wanted to wear (sans the collar) to the dance. Unfortunately, there is a Linden bug that causes the dress to fail to rez on some machines. I’m working on tracking down the cause of the bug, then maybe I can get it fixed.

After the dance I went over to the Junkyard for awhile then headed home. I decided to spend the night in-world… just plopped on my comfy bed.

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