Fiery Sets The Night On Fire

The evening started out slow. Leeana and I got together at The Line and fiddle around with the Notices for the evening, then Fiery arrived and started her show. After about a half hour I thought it was time for me to leave and let Leeana solo as hostess.

I went home but still had a need to dressup from the night before, so I put on my elegant little red coctail dress and started checking out the formal clubs. My first stop was Bogart’s and right away a relatively new avie started chatting me up. He heaped all kinds of embarrassing praise on me about my appearence, in open chat no less. However, he never asked me to dance. Go figure. It was funny and a guy on the dance floor IM’d me to sort of share in my befuddlement.

After waiting for whosie-whatsie to ask me to dance, I just sort of sashayed away to epxlore the club. I hadn’t been to Bogart’s in awhile and forgotten what a beautifully concieved and excuted night club it is. It is both a dance and “dinner” club and is laid out on three-levels. The coloring with golden, burgundy, black and white creates an elegant setting. Also, there are photos of Bogie, Marilyn and all kinds of other touches that when coupled with great jazz and pop tunes, truly transports you to a bygone era.

I decided to continue on and checkout the other clubs including Phat’s, Carribbean Breezes and then Frank’s. And I stood around at each place checking out Profiles, and as usual no one asked me to dance. I discovered that one of the guys I was standing next to is a Jazz singer who does live concerts, so I listened to one of his ensemble on myspace. The cuts were good and I asked him to add me to his group.


I was about to hang it up for the evening when I got an IM from Leeana. Fiery was taking the show into overtime. Then a short while later, I got notices coming from The Line that the show was at the Distillery and then Luci sent notices not to come to the Distillery because the party was at The Line. Hehe! It sounded like there was some fun happening back home, so I headed over there and WOW…what a great crowd!

Leeana needed to leave, so I took over and Fiery continued, full-flame ON. She was great and the crowd was in her hands! Naturally, JohnD had the Panty Truck parked right there in the bar and was probably snatching panties while everyone partied. There was Magi & Dixon, Luci & Straton, Pern & Derwin, Ali & Dar and way too many people to list. Shortly after I arrived, Kia paradropped right into the center of everything with her fancy tail, and Kia is truly indespensible if you are going to have a good party.

And there were indications that drinking was going on — on the other side of those avatar faces! Hehe. Oh my, was there ever drinking going on! Not to be outdone, I mixed myself a little gin and tonic, and then another. Hehe. So, we partied on and on and I think there are some who’d have stayed all night but Fiery worked some magic and started winding the crowd down around 10:30pm. It was a great way to start the 4th of July weekend, and it was one of the best shows I’ve seen all year. Love ya’ Fiery!

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