Saturday Was Too Much

I finished Expedition #10 on Satruday. I finished with a death defying race across the ocean sims connecting the first continent with the second continent. I hopped in my hover car, Sea Bisquit (right) and took off, very fast in a straight line and must have crossed three sims before I hit some kind of warp in the fabric of space and time. I ended up buried inside an undersea mountain and could not free myself. It was a good ending for an expedition.

I tried to write a report about the journey, but I wasn’t in the mood. Also, the cummulative effect of all the partying in SL & RL, not to mention the explosions all night, Friday night, had finally taken a toll. However, bad situaitons can always get worse and that’s the way it was. The events of the day became hurtful. I think most people who know me know that I try to be a nice person, a kind person. And I’m hurt when someone is unkind to me, even people who aren’t part of my life. On Saturday, it felt as though people were lining up to slap me down, like in Airplane. There was nothing big, just many small hurts, and by evening I was tired, wounded and blue.

Nonetheless, it was still early and I decided to take one more chance to rescue my day. I went to ArorA Chadborne’s concert at the Junkyard. She sang some wonderful songs I hadn’t heard her sing before, but even she couldn’t cheer me up. I logged out at the end of the show and tried watching SNL, but it was a repeat. Saturday was too much and only sleep could make things better.


Today, I had all kinds of projects in real life, but tonight I felt much better and went to the 2nd birthday party for the Junkyard. Kiff & Dina deserve to be very proud of their creation, and many avies were there to show their bluesy respect. In fact, there were well over 60 avies in the Yard, and many more over at JY South. Fiery Otaared was at the musical controls again and she streamed out another fun show. I told her she was having a great week, and she laughed.

I’ll publish some kind of report on Expedition #10, but for now I’m going to drop in a couple photos of interest. These were taken on the ocean passage between the first two mainland continents. In the first photo, Vixen and I were traveling on the bottom of the ocean. The second photo is of the Anwr offshore drilling rig, which we first came upon from below the surface.

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I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm also author of the sci-fi novel The Temporal Expeditions, and am working on book 2 of a planned trilogy.
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