Avatar Rendering Costs

Recently, I’ve been watching more and more youtube videos. My favs include Geo Meek, Torley Linden and Bobby Lee Linden. Anyway, Bobby Lee ran his third Public Service Announcement dealing with a new feature in release 1.20, Avatar Rendering Cost (ARC). It left me a bit concerned, so yesterday I spent my time in-world considering how ARC might affect my life. The results were disturbing.

I was wearing jeans and a cami (not any flexi-clothing), simple prim heels, some blingy jewelry, my routine attachments (AO, Mystitool, etc.) and my beautiful flexi-hair. And my ARC was over 3,000! That is bad news because any number over ~700 takes the ARC from green to red. If I had been wearing a flexi-dress and tripped out boots, my number would be over 4,000. The issue that Bobby Lee points out is that concerts, clubs and other popular venues may start limiting your ARC.

By experimenting with my attachments, I discovered that my hair alone has a 1,700 ARC. My rather elaborate jewelry took another 1,000. I was able to get under 700 by wearing prim hair and prim jewelry. The AOs and attachements didn’t have much of a cost, and I was reminded of all the times I’ve been asked to turn off attachments. What will they do now when they see my hair coming?

I don’t think the ARC will impact guys very much, but if you are a woman I think you can see the potential problem. Watch the Bobby Lee Linden and Torley Linden vids. Torley’s vid mentions the ARC only in passing, but tells you how to turn on the feature.

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