Band Groupie

Lately, I’ve been checking out a lot of concerts. These are billed as Pink Floyd or Billy Idol or The Blues Brothers, but what they are avie band groups that put on shows on stage and play recordings by the artists. The first one I went to was The Blues Brothers over at Junkyard Blues South. Thor Effington is in that group, but wasn’t there the night I went. That was quite awhile ago.

On Monday night, I went to a Billy Idol concert and about half-way into it, Leanna beamed in and we hung out. We both joined the Rock On’ Productions group and I would have probably deleted it but the next night they had a Greatful Dead concert (and I’d never been to one in RL) and we went there too. Wednesday night, Thor invited me over to his group’s Pink Floyd concert and I joined the Lightening Productions group.

So, you get the idea, I’ve kind of gotten into this concert thing. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed these concerts. And I think this will be a regular part of my rounds in the future. It is funny though, when I look at myself objectively I worry that I look like I band groupie. Look at my groups! Nothing but DJs, clubs and concert organizers. People who know me, know that I’m not a groupie at all, but I have to admit that it sure looks that way.

Btw, last night, I went to Leanna’s gig with Fiery at HWB. I am so glad Leanna is my gal pal. I really love running with her. But the truth is, we aren’t as misbehaved as we appear to be. Hehe.

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