A Good Day To Blog

It’s been a few days since my last blog entry, but yesterday was so packed full of in-world activities that I must document them.


Yesterday, one of my best friends from my career days in Seattle came in-world and looked me up. His name is Cool and for over ten years we worked together. We were two of the six founders of the dot-com company where I served as director of software engineering and he as the chief architect. Cool and I used to have lunch together almost every day (nothing romantic/strictly business) and we discussed the ideas that ultimately I put together in the Island Universe project. I was also very close to his wife and have visited their home for dinner on numerous occassions. So, I was thrilled that he made it in-world.

Right away I took him to Starfleet, got him a Star Trek uniform and we chatted in front of Zephrim Cockran’s first Warp capable starship. He wanted to know about the SL architecture and the SL client/viewer, so I showed him right to the downloads and started filling him in.

Cool’s degree is in physics and is much more technologically savy than I ever was or anyone else in our operation, for that matter. The guys called him, “The Machine” becasue he was relentlessly methodical in his approach to finding defects. As Cool and I talked, my vision for a Cartesian Theater began to come back into focus. I’m not sure my mind could ever confront that A.I. project again, but if Cool does get interested then the possibilities are unlimited.

I know it seems wierd to my SL friends when they realize that I haven’t always been a sassy, misbehaved hostess, that I was once the director of a software organization with 30 developers. At times, I can’t even believe it and, seriously, I never felt smart enough to even do such a thing. However, the reason I was made the director is that I understand developers as people, and know what it takes to get projects competed. Also, the guys liked me I think… a little bit.


SOOOOOO! For several days Bluto has lead a conspiracy at Hot Wet Blues and The Line. He planned and organized a surprize party for Magi. Several of us partipated, but this was Bluto’s plan and it was great. The thing is, Magi has held rez day parties for a lot of people and when I sent out invitation I was confident that this would be a great opportunity for Magi’s friends to show her some love.

Even WT was part of the plot, he took Magi on a date until the appointed hour, then right on queue he arrived with Magi!! SHE WAS STUNNED!! And it was great!! Bluto & Angellica, Lacey, Iron & Stormy, Ellia, Aynnie & Hart, Kia, Dina & Kiff, Kimala, Ali & Darrko, Pern, Clover & Madsen, Wildwood, Blissie, Natalie, JohnD, Shipton, Carlotta, Stu, Annabelle, Diamond, BigEd, Kristi, Scotty, Darby, Tamil, Mathew and Mojoe and many others. And I know many others who just couldn’t make it because of other commitments. In short, the people who love the blues and what Magi has done to promote the blues showed they care. And I know Magi was deeply touched.

Mathew Deerhunter struck up a conversation during the party. I know Mat from The Line, but also he is a great friend of Magi. Anyway, we had a great chat and hung out a bit.


Oh yeah, and I finished a large three-day photo study (300 photos) during the morning. I’m going to turn the photos into a Photo Story movie (LeLe thinks I’m crazy but I’ll show her… hehe). Anyway, I must not commit to a date because I can’t handle that stress. Here’s a sample:

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