Closing The Line

Last night, I got the word that The Line is closing. WOW. So many memories in such a short period of time, good memories, bad memories, memories I can’t really remember. Hehe. Nonetheless, I am feeling a sense of loss and a sense of nostalgia. So, I thought it might be useful to do a walk down memory lane.

The Opening, June 2nd
As best as I can recall, Magi and he who is not to be named, opened The Line on Monday, June 2nd. It was a Monday night and Crighton was spinning tunes and Jayla was his hostess. It wasn’t the official opening, but it was a great start to a new concept and we were all adapting rapidly. I remember WT noticing Jayla’s short-shorts — stinker — and he walked funny for a couple of days after that comment. We had a good crowd and I shot some photos.

Ziffy Does Rock n’ Roll
On Friday, it was Ziffy’s turn to roll out some rock, and I think he was pretty nervous. However, Ziffy is one clever dude and he came through like a rocker!! He promised to mix some classic rock into his bluesy mix and at first, but as the evening wore on he added in more and more classic rock from Chuck Berry (the true King of Rock & Roll) to the Doors. It was a blast and we were getting curious crowds. I remember the next week that Gal paid a personal visit to ask me if Ziffy was doing rock, and the answer was a resounding yes. She was stunned.

Babes At The Line
Magi, Lacey and I frequently hung out at The Line in the mornings. One moring we started digging around in our closets and found we had matching outfits. So, we went up on stage and danced and pranced and showed off and carried on and shot roll after roll of film (I know, I know, we didn’t shoot film… hehe). Anyway, here are some previously unpublished favorites.

Death At The Line
We had many great nights at the line. Sometime shortly after the opening Jayla went away from SL for awhile and I took over for Crighton as his temporary hostess. I remember the first night and how much fun I had with his posse. I came to know that when Blissie arrived on the scene you could expect almost anything! She is so much fun!! Well, she does have a little edgy side too, like the night she and Kimala knocked over all the bar stools, but on July 15, she set a new standard at The Line. Hehe. She drove a Hummer over poor Freckles and killed her dead. I had to institute an emergency rule, No Killing Guests. Later, I changed it to, No Killing Guests Unless They Deserve It. I guess you’d have to have been there.

Dixon Leaves Second Life
Something happened on July15 and I need to mention it because it really hurt my friends and upset me terribly. On that fine morning for no apparent reason, Dixon just walked out of our lives and out of Second Life forever. Magi was devastated but I kept the place operating normally while she was able to sort it all out. You can believe what you want about Dixon and his reasons for leaving, but I am very disappointed in the man.

Iron Saves The Day
It was Wednesday evening when Magi returned for Iron’s show. It was a bit awkward at first but Iron is a hero and really helped us all get a grip back on ourselves. We had over 30 people pouring in that night and it was just what we all needed. However, over the long run, I’m not sure I ever felt the same about the club.

Monday Nights With Crighton
About the same time as the Dixon thing happened, I had a lot more problems and dramas weighing down my SL and uptimately my RL. I was pretty frazzled for a couple of weeks but the one thing that I really looked forward to was my Monday night gigs with Crighton. And it was so appropriate that the one thing that really helped snap me out of “My Blue Period” was that crazy Monday, just two weeks ago, when Leanna came to help me restart my hosting gig with Crighton. LeLe really helped me get my joy back and I’ll be forever grateful to her, Crighton and Crighon’s posse. Here is the photo of me an my gal pal the night we shook up The Line.

So, tonight I learned that The Line is closing and I’m a little sad. Magi offered me a spot at Hot Wet Blues but I’d told her that I’d like to be a backup hostess for awhile. Magi and her crew are like family to me and I want to be around for a long time, supporting Magi’s initiatives.

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