Photo Study – Little Yoshiwara

In the past three days I’ve conducted an enjoyable photo shoot at the Milarepa sim, Home of the Little Yoshiwara geisha district. I believe this is one of the most well thoughtout themed sims I’ve seen in my many expeditions. It is representative of an Edo era city and it is full of life because of the geisha schools, teahouses, theaters, shrines, gardens and markets. There is even a kabuki theater and sum wrestling auditorium. The photos really speak for themselves.

This is a view of the Yoshiwara Pavillion.

This photo is a view of the hanimachi from above the Pavillion.

A view of the garden and shrine.

From the bottom right the sumo auditorium, then up the street to the kabuki theater.

The view of the markets.

And the last photo is of the market stage where outdoor shows are held.

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  1. Miyuki says:

    I saw these photos when you first posted them, and BL has kept me so busy and tired, so I’m finally getting to comment today.Your photos are beautiful. You really captured the okiya in these.


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