Yoneyu-San & Onesan

Yesterday I spent several hours with Yoneyu-San, a full geisha and my Onesan, a senior maiko. They are my sisters at the Yoshiwara Okiya. My Onesan and I listened to Yoneyu-san discuss many aspects of being geisha and shared a lot of information about kimonos. For example, a white kimono is only worn at weddings and at death. Black kimonos are generally formal, but a completely black kimono, without a crest is for funerals only. The style of kimono varies with the rank you achieve on your way to becoming geisha, as does your makeup and hair style.

While chatting with my sisters at the shrine in the Gion hanamachi, I took a few photos but I’m already at work on a photo study of the hanamachi (geisha district) and will also photograph geisha shows.

A photo of my Onesan (Miyuki-san) and Yoneyu-san.

The photo is me and Onesan, also at the shrine in Gion.

I’ve learned many things about becoming geisha and I’m practicing my new skills, but I have a great deal left to learn. I won’t be describing the training or personal interactions in this blog, but I will be telling stories as I move along in my training. I hope to photograph the next geisha show in detail because each show has it’s own uniqueness and setting.

Anyone who is interested in attending our shows, including the entertainment at the ochaya (tea house) should join the Little Yoshiwara group as a patron. It has a Join button so anyone can join.

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3 Responses to Yoneyu-San & Onesan

  1. Miyuki says:

    I love these photos. I think this set is my favorite.I don’t think any SL Maiko practice black teeth:) At least, our okiya doesn’t.I didn’t know about maiko and black teeth. I have come across some photos of maiko that seemed to have bad teeth – that must of have been what I saw.There are some really good documentary videos on youtube about minarai, maiko, and geisha.


  2. Yordie Sands says:

    Geisha didn’t dye their teeth, but Maiko’s did. I forget where I read that, but it is was apparently to create an illusion, maybe for performance purposes. I don’t think this is still a practice and I haven’t seen any SL Maiko with black teeth.


  3. Is it true that geishas traditionally dyed their teeth black?


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