Practicing the Performing Arts

Yesterday I learned some of the skills I’ll need to perform in the geisha shows that are scheduled regularly by the Yoshiwara Okiya. I took a few photos of Yoneyu-san, Miyuki-san and myself as we practiced our dancing on stage at the Pavillion. You may notice that I look different. I’ve changed to my bratty younger looking skin and hair. The reason is that a minarai is usually a teenager. Hehe.

About Yordie

I'm an avatar from Second Life and gamer on Xbox. I'm also the author of The Temporal Expeditions sci-fi novel series.
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1 Response to Practicing the Performing Arts

  1. Miyuki says:

    Yoneyu-San has such amazing dances. That was a fun evening.You’re such a sweet girl and I’m so glad I’ve gotten this opportunity to get to know you.


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