A Dividing Line

Every once in awhile, far too often, you meet someone in Second Life who is so screwed as a human being that you start to question whether all of us who come here are just screwed up people. And if that is so, then it makes me wonder how screwed up I must be, myself. It makes me question my own motives for being here. It makes me examine myself emotionally and physically… existenially, for chrissake.

There is a dividing line among avatars here in Second Life. On one side are the people who see SL as a door leading back to real life, one the other side are people who see SL as a door leading to a world of imagination. In the first case, people seem to view avatars as barriers that keep them from seeing real life people, on the other side are people enjoy their avatars as fantasy beings.

There is a gray area, of course. And when it comes to relationship, I’m not saying that people who meet here and make a real life connection are necessarily on either side of the line. And on both sides of the line, the emotional connections that get formed are real and can be even more intense than in real life. Heck, I’ve soared with very strong emotions, and I’ve also plummented to Earth and wrecked in relationships here. So, I’m not talking about emotions but the way people view their avatarian lives.

[Begin Rant]

I’m not going to comment on who is right, because it is just a matter of personal choice. However, I have a couple comments that I want to get off my chest.

First, I’ve come to the conclusion that the people I’ve met who come to SL for the purpose of finding a real life relationship can be suprisingly hostile toward those of us who don’t share their goal. I don’t get that.

And I’m sick of guys who boast, “I’m just me.” It’s mostly guys that say this at the start of new acquaintences. I’ve heard it hundreds of times. They strut around SL with hulking physiques with skins and hair designed by artists. They dance like they’ve been trained since birth and prance around with samurai swords and blasters. They own homes, literally in the sky and infested with gnarly sex pose balls. They teleport across space and time. Some of them even post real life photos that look nothing like their avatars, and still they say, “I’m just me.”

I know, I know. Of course, they are referring to their personalities, but they don’t seem to recognize that they are playing a role in this virtual world. This is my gripe. Everyone IS playing a role when they are in Second Life. You aren’t “just you”. Geesh!

And one last thing, Second Life is a hell’ov’a lot more than a “glorrified chat room”. It’s a chat room for people who cannot seem to see the wonderful motion picture they are starring in.

Okie-dokie, that was my rant. I’m better now. hehe.

[End of Rant]

I obviously fall in the category of people who find this second life to be a world of imagination. If you don’t like me, it’s ok, but don’t be mean to me.

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I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm also author of the sci-fi novel The Temporal Expeditions, and am working on book 2 of a planned trilogy.
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