My New Onesan

On Sunday, my Onesan, Miyuki-san told me she had left our okiya. She has moved to a new okiya and I hope she finds what she is looking for there. Someone once told me that when you quit a job or any group of people that you are connected too, the act of quitting is and act of rejecting that group. I feel a sense of being rejected, afterall, a sister is supposed to have only one onesan for life.

My new onesan is Suzume-san and she is a very kind geisha who has helped other minarai like me to become geisha in our okiya. I’m looking forward to returning to my training program and working with my new big sister.

During the week I was able to serve in the ochaya once. It was very impromptu but I danced and told a story. Below is a photo of my performance.

In order to advance from minarai to junior maiko, I need to participate in one more show, create a solo performance at our ochaya, create my tea ceremony and write a cultural paper. It’s a lot of work, but I will attempt to complete all of these things in the coming week by Sunday week.

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