I Have Been Tagged

I saw this coming. I think I saw it happen to Joonie Jatho first. So, I knew it would eventually make it’s way to me. Thank you, Mr. Crighton Johin. Here are the all important six non-important habits or quirks about me.

1) I enjoy the company of most animals more than that of most people. I don’t like kimodo dragons, vultures or hyenas though. Mostly I like animals with cute furry faces.

2) I am a Gemini/Cancer and it is wierd in that I seem to be more of a Gemini in the day and more of a Cancer in the night. Go figure.

3) I usually spray on perfume before going to bed. My favorite parfum is Joy by Jean Patou. I also like Happy by Clinique, Opium by Ives and lately I’ve been wearing Shalimar.

4) Ah, bedtime! I love to go to bed because I enjoy creating bedtime stories in my mind. My favorite bedtime stories tend to include Kevin Costner. mmmmmm. The problem is, if a story gets really interesting I can’t get to sleep. hehe.

5) I love sweaters and sometimes even wear them in Summer. I have over 100 sweaters, most of which are mohair blends and angora blends. Fortunately, it’s cold here for almost nine moths a year. I even sleep in sweaters sometimes.

6) I’m 39+ but still have slumber parties for my girlfriends. We get some Chinese, hangout in our jammies, give ourselves facials and watch scarey movies. Recently, we watched “Vacancy” with Kate Beckinsale.

7) BONUS FACT: I dislike silly quizzies like this. And everybody I’d tag has already been tagged. So, this is were the madness ends.

About Yordie

I'm an avatar from Second Life and gamer on Xbox. I'm also the author of The Temporal Expeditions sci-fi novel series.
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