The Tea Ceremony

Those who have studied Asian culture know that the tea ceremony is more than serving someone a cup of tea. To perform the ceremony, you must draw on the history and tradition, then create your ceremony for a select group of guests. As I’ve mentioned before, the more I learned about the Tea Ceremony, the more complicated it became and I didn’t have to use real life utencils. Nonetheless, with one final act of resolve I completed my ceremony and invited my Onesan (Suzume-san), Geisha Suzuko-san, Leanna-san, Matthew-sama and my sister, Chrys-san to participate.

Thanks to Chrys-san, who completed her own Tea Ceremony a couple days before I did, there are several photos of the event. And while I’m taking about Chrys-san, her tea ceremony helped inspire my own tea ceremony. The top photo is me at the tea serving tray. Bottom left are the guests (that’s Chrys-san’s lovely long hair), and bottom right is my Onesan observing her little sister in her performance.

After the ceremony, Onesan contacted Okasan to make arrangement for my formal acceptance as a maiko. Once that is done, we will organize and schedule my “misedashi” ceremony.

Among other things, another blog reader, Thor, has decided he would like to see what this geisha world is all about. So, last night I took him to get some proper attire for tonight’s show at Asagao.

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