Junior Maiko "Suzuki"

I am proud to announce that I have been promoted to the rank of Junior Maiko in the Yoshiwara Okiya. Tonight, in a private ceremony with my Okasan (Xuemei Yiyuan), Great-Onesan, Geisha Amber-san (Amber Lauridsen) and my dear Onesan, Geisha Suzume-san (Hiroko Yokosuka), I left my old life behind as I was accepted and adopted a new name, Suzuki (鈴木).

With this promotion, I have taken the next step toward my goal of becoming geisha. A maiko wears white/alabaster makeup and elaborate hair styles. Notice that the red lip makup on my bottom lip is more pronounced. This is a distinction of the junior maiko. A senior maiko has both lips painted proportionally. In addition, a maiko may wear more beautiful kimonos than a minarai. Ultimately, if I am promoted to geisha, I will wear the white makeup only on special occassions, because a geisha relies on her own natural beauty.

Happy Thanksgiving to all readers. When I return, I’ll announce the plans for the formal “misedashi” ceremony.

* btw, suzu-ki means “bell tree” (a musical instrument).

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