Making The Rounds

After the unhappiness of year end, I decided to get out and start making the rounds again. In the past few days I’ve been to the Junkyard, Blondies, Not Too Hot, Atlanta Blues, The Bistro and Bogarts. Some of the clubs I’ve been to several times. Also, I’ve been shopping and did a little exploring too. It’s easy to get into a rut in Second Life, but it’s easy to get out too.

I’ve had to take a look at Second Life love. I’m still haunted by something a guy name Serge told me once. His contention is that most SL love ends in about six to eight weeks, about the same amount of time that infatuation lasts in real life. He had many other theories and assertions, but this one really stuck with me. I guess the question is, can SL relationships last? Anecdotal evidence seems to say yes. I know of several couples who’ve managed to make SL relationships last, although, some of those couples take their romances into real life. Another “however” is that I don’t know of any SL relationships that have lasted more than a couple years. This relationship thing has been on my mind becasue two of my friends broke up recently, and their problems seem similar to ones I’ve experienced myself.

Another thing, I’m still working through the issues that caused me to quit the okiya a couple weeks ago. I’ve been thinking about group dynamics here in SL, and I chatted with Xuemei-san, my former Okaasan about that yesterday. I seem to be cursed with the point of view of a former executive. I see people and events within the context of those group dynamics, and I’m always vigilant for those who cause disharmony in the group. I believe I’ll eventually see my way past all of these issues, and then maybe I’ll know how to procede.

Anyway, I’ve been wandering, observing and wondering.

About Yordie

I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm active on Twitter. I'm a U.S. Air Force veteran. I'm a gamer in Fallout series, Skyrim, and other games, including an avatar in Second Life. I wrote the sci-fi novel, The Temporal Expeditions.
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