Keeping Busy

Last night I went to Sheri’s 2nd Rez Day Party. I love Sheri. I met her maybe three weeks after she rezzed and that would be about a week after I rezzed. She was a very open and friendly Aussie girl and we hit it off and have stayed friends despite the different path our SLs have taken, time zones and Internet issue. I’ve mentioned this before but I get a kick out of saying it, Sheridan is a full Commander in United Federation Starfleet. (note to self: need some new photos of her on location.) Yes, I’m a Star Trek fan. In my work in Seattle, our entire office used to leave work as a group everytime there was a new movie. But I also love Star Trek: Voyager, Captain Janeway, Seven of Nine and the whole notion of the show, as does Sheri. Hugzzz Girlfriend on your rez day!

In the evening, Leanna and I met over at the Junkyard for Luci’s great DJ’ing. No matter how many times I catch Miss Luci’s shows I am always delighted with her selections. Anyway, Lele and I danced and strutted our stuff until Froggie arrived. He was looking dashing in his “jumper” (that’s a sweater in American English) and even though he had an awful day he was happy to be with me. I was a bit tired from a bunch of in-world and otherwordly activities but we carried on as we do until long after the JY crowd had headed over to JY South for a concert.


As I mentioned yesterday, I’m still not satisfied with my garden. The main problem is my tea house, a house that is lovely and within the sphere of designs that are often seen in tea houses but, it is not aestheically pleasing. The main issue is coloring; it doesn’t fit with the basic color scheme I have in mind. I spent hours looking for one that resembles my frist memory of a real life tea house when I was a young girl. The photo is an example of the motif I’m looking for (except the wood is should be aged and gray).

I’m coming to the conclusion that I may have to build my own tea house. This might not seem like a big deal to someone who has an elaborate garden, but I’m a gardener, not a builder. I do a little bit of building and terraforming, but have never made anything of substance. Aynnie has offered to teach me but it’s a skill set that I am not sure I have the aptitude for. I know that builders to have a lot of fun though.


Another thing, I’ve been meaning to mention that I’ve been checking out some of the movies on the free SL television stations. The quality of the movies have actually gotten a bit better I think, at least compared with ones from 2007 when almost everything was black & white. I like to watch television with friends in SL sometimes, but I seem to be in the minority on this.

Just channel surfing in my skyhouse.


Special Thanks to Mathew Deerhunter: Your note to those of us who shall remain unnamed was simply lovely and I want to publicly thank you for your kind thoughts, and wish you a second life where each day is better than the last.

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