The Junkyard Islands

LeLe and I just have to chat a couple times a week. Don’t ask what we talk about because I just can’t remember, but tonight we needed a spot to sit and think about where to spend the evening. We wanted to try someplace new. Hmmm, does this sound familiar? I’ll have to mull this later.

Anyway, we were at the Junkyard and we decided to go find a beach or island where we could have our chat. If you have never explored the Junkyard Blues or Junkyard Blues South sims, then you are missing a wonderland of fascinating houses, trailers, stores, even a drive-in movie, a motel, marinas and much more. Also, there are ten sims that surround the JY and JYS, and most of those sims are costal waters with even a channel for sailing, and there are islands where people live and little uninhabited islands too.

So, to make a long story short, we found a wonderful little island where some fishing boat had apparently run aground and got busted up pretty bad. Nonetheless, wreckage aside, there was a cozy spot to sit and that’s what we did, and as I said, we had a chat. Following are some photos from the islands.

Here it is, sitting alongside the channel were apparently the skipper of this boat lost his bearings.

See that little brown spot in the center of the island, that’s were we found to sit.

Here we are, chatting, happy as clams.

In the distance you can see other little islands.

LeLe is thinking, ‘where is Mentone, when will I see him next?’ Isn’t LeLe pretty, she’s my gal pal and we are hawt. Hehe.

I’m thinking, ‘the farmer in the dell, the farmer in the dell, hiho, the merrio, the farmer in the dell…’ huh? what? somebody said something? I don’t remember.

Like I said, there are several cute little islands all around the Junkyard. This one is to the north of JY.

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