Two Years As An Avatar

Today marks my 2nd Rez Day in Second Life. I’ve been an avatar for two years and I can truly say that it has been memorable. I can also say that I’m glad I have kept this journal of my experiences because it reminds me of all activities I’ve participated in. It would be nice to make some profound comments about my life as an avatar, but I find that when I try to be profound I only sound silly. Instead, I’ll comment on some things that I’ve been thinking about.

Homelife & Nightlife
I’ve been looking at Second Life in the context of those of us who enjoy our homelife. Oh, yes, there was a time in real life when I felt that if I wasn’t out running around at night that I’d surely die. And there was a time when I felt that if I wasn’t going out to dinner at fine restaurants then dancing at the classiest clubs that I wouldn’t be cool. I’ve enjoyed every kind of real life nightlife and don’t feel I’ve missed anything or have anything to prove. For me, SL is a way to experience all kinds of activities including nightlife without many of the inconveniences, and it sure beats watching television.

Second Chances
I’ve also been thinking about SL as a place for “second chances”. We can be anything we want to be in SL and yet many of us choose to model our avies after who we are in real life. Yes, we do take a nip here and a tuck there and I don’t know anyone who is younger than their avatar, but for me, real life was very demanding because of my career and my second life has become a place to enjoy the softer side of my nature.

Cyber Friends
I am fortunate to have friends that I enjoy being with in my second life. Some friends are closer than others, but if I have a relationship I try to do the things necessary to maintain that relationship. I believe it is through these friendships that Second Life comes to life. I continue to see differences between casual visitors and those of us who have become true residents, but I enjoy all my friends and the diversity they bring.

Love, SLove & Partnering
I love love and love to love and SL is a great place to fall in love, sort of. However, I continue to be troubled by a comment made to me by an acquaintence from last year. He said, Second Life love last about the same length of time as infatuation lasts in real life, 6 to 8 weeks. And I’m sorry to say, the comment seems to prove itself to be true, often. I have fallen in love in SL several times and I’ve partnered twice already (if you leave out the 3-days I was partnered and didn’t really know what it meant… hehe). If this were real life, I’d have a bad reputation if I married that often, so I’m more cautious now and I doubt that I’ll ever partner again. On the other hand, romance is such an enjoyable part of SL, I know I’ll continue dating and carrying on. hehe

Learning & Experiencing
Second Life has been a place for me to learn through experience. I’m thinking about my experience as a maiko in the Yoshiwara Okiya, but also in my work on my garden and many other activities I’ve been involved in. Writing this blog has been a learning experince in and of itself.

Charities & Causes
My support of the Blues for Autism fundraiser has been a very fulfilling experience. In fact, I was looking forward to participating in this year’s fundraiser after the success of last year. Second Life is really ideal for this kind of activity and I believe that the people who participate in fundraisers get a sense of belonging to a community. This is very true in the bluesy community.

The Boredom Factor
This is a topic I comment on from time to time, but I think it impacts most avatars to different extents. Boredom hits me unexpectedly. It can hit at my happiest moments or any other time. I don’t know what causes it, but maybe it has something to do with the artificiality of the SL. I know that it happens and I try to find a way to recognize it and deal with it. If you don’t deal with it, I believe that it can mess up your SL relationships.

Anyway, I’ve begun my 3rd year as an avatar. I’m still not sure where I’m heading with all of this but I’m glad that I’m an avatar. I’m glad that the people in my second life are avatars too.

About Yordie

I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm active on Twitter. I'm a U.S. Air Force veteran. I'm a gamer in Fallout series, Skyrim, and other games, including an avatar in Second Life. I wrote the sci-fi novel, The Temporal Expeditions.
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4 Responses to Two Years As An Avatar

  1. Yordie Sands says:

    Thanks for your comments, Mat, Lele and Kimala. Hugzzz


  2. Kimala says:

    Yordie!I just wanted to send you a note of congratulations wishing you Happy Rez Day 2 -it is hard to know where the SLtime goes… Your post is so eloquent and I only wish I was a better commenter. I also am sorry I missed your surprise party. Your adventures in SL inspire me and I always appreciate the times we have had a chance to connect.All the best in Year 3!Kim


  3. leannachaffe says:

    Happy Rez Day girlfriend!!!!LeLe


  4. Anonymous says:

    HAPPY REZ-DAY, Yordie!!!MD


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