OMG, My Rez Day Party

I wanted a rez day party. And I trusted my friend LeLe to organize it, and she worked out the details with the JY Dreamgirls. So, I knew there would be a party and thougtht it would be like, you know, a party. hehe. Oh my, oh my. First, let go back to the start of the evening.

I made the leap across space and time and other dimensions into Second Life at about 5pm. As soon as I arrived there were lots of rez day IMs and Leanna reminded me that we were going to dinner before my party. So I dressed and we went to this lovely place for dinner.

Me and LeLe at Midsomer having dinner on my rez day.

After dinner I was expecting that we’d take a limo over to the Junkyard Blues, but LeLe was hemming and hawing around. And I knew something was up, expecially when she said, “You better pull your skirt down a bit in the back”. I had no idea what she meant, but we tp’d on into the JY and Wow! It was so cool. There was a banner saying “Happy Rez Day”, ballons, gift boxes, a cake that Dina had made and friends everywhere, including Blissie & Borday (thanks for coming Blissie). DJ Axe Nitely was at the helm, spinning tunes and it felt like a real party.

However, shortly after I arrived, Andrea says, “Yordie try your present on and see if it fits”. Then I see it and hear Kia say, “SPANKING CHAIR” and so I asked, am I the Spanker? And Magi laughs and Kia says, “NOOOOOOOOO”. So, I sat on the Spankee ball and found myself with stretched out in a very undignified position, butt cheeks sticking up like a couple of eggs, sunny side up. I now understood what Leanna meant by pulling my skirt down in back.

The next thing I knew, big ole Piper sat down and started wailing away on my fanny like it was a bongo drum and it hurt and I screamed, well, not the whole time. hehe. When he was finished, Kia jumped right on and started wailing and believe me, she hits hard. And then Ellia, then Gala, even Magi! and even Leanna! and even Froggie, then Kiff and I think WT was the last one, but there were others in line, like Mat. Well, actually Mat declined when it was his turn. hugzzz, Mat. Sorry if I left anybody’s name out! Geez. Here’s some photos shot by Gala and Darrin.

After Kia, the lineup began.

Geez Magi, thanks for the banner but this wasn’t necessary. hehe.

Froggie was at least kind enough to rub my fanny a bit before tossing me to the next spanker.

When Axe’s set ended, the chair was mercifully taken away, so I thought the beating had finally ended. And I merrily started dancing and jabbering with friends again. Then this hulking Viking arrived in full gear, it was ML Ferraris and he brougtht his own spanking device and a strong right arm, and the next thing I knew he was wailing away on me again. What a night! I think a lot of people got waaayyyy too familiar with my fanny.

The truth is, it was fun! Even though half of the night I spent bent over a chair, I had a great time and I laughed and laughed. I was very touched that my friends had come, especially friends from Shorty’s and the No Reason group. I got some wonderful gifts from Ange, Magi and Andrea, but the best gift of all was discovering that Leanna was now a REAL JYB Dreamgirl. The Dreamgirls are a great pack of girls and the Junkyard Dawgs are some of my favorite people in Second Life. Thanks Kiff & Dina for dreaming up this place and letting us have a rez day party.

Note to self: always wear panties, even if JohnD steals them.

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I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm active on Twitter. I'm a U.S. Air Force veteran. I'm a gamer in Fallout series, Skyrim, and other games, including an avatar in Second Life. I wrote the sci-fi novel, The Temporal Expeditions.
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1 Response to OMG, My Rez Day Party

  1. leannachaffe says:

    Happy Rez Day…I’m glad you enjoyed it!! You are a special friend :-)LeLe


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